~Santa Clause is coming!~ My gift to you

Hai guys! I’ve seen so many people offering to do art and stuff for others, due to Christmas! So I thought, why not do it as well?! I used to have a bunch of requests that I never finished, so… im doing this!

What you must do
  1. Tag one or 2 people in the episode community that you would love to spend this jolly holiday with and why!
  2. Add one word that relates to Christmas in your entry!
  3. Add your favorite Chrismas song in your entry!

It’s that easy! :laughing:


Because I’m lazy, there will be 2 winners! But if theres more entry’s, there will be more winners!

First Place
A waist up, x-mas edit of you and your Epi buddy, a follow on instagram, spam of likes, shoutout in my story and instagram and I will read your story! (If you have one lol)

Second Place
A waist up, x-mas edit of you and your Epi buddy, a follow on instagram, spam of likes

Third Place
A waist up, x-mas, pfp of your character, a follow on instagram, spam of likes

Really simple, mini contest guys! I hope you guys have an extra extra extraaaa jolly good night/afternoon/day illyyy <333

Jolly tags

Let meh know if you wanna be un-tagged

@Zagical @Jenaco @Yuke @Nat99y @TheParisLover @PHCENIX @eilyk @bbygirlbrooks @TamiRose @Cheris @LiaMina @fraud

All these peeps I have tagged have been kind to me in one way or another- and I know y’all annoyed of my stoopid self sooo… bYe :heart:

And yes, I will be finishing the prizes for this contest. And please don’t ask for examples, my old art style was cheap and ugly, I have a new style now but seeing as my phone is FLAT and I lost my charger (cough, dropped it in the pool) I have to use my iPad, which is a slow piece of poop!


thank you for the tag beauty !!
hope you don’t mind but i’m tagging three cause I can’t leave one of my girls out :
@bbygirlbrooks @eilyk @SkyM <3 i wanna spend my holidays with them cause they actually make me wheeze and choke on my food because of how hard i laugh with them

  1. when i think of christmas, i think of mariah carey, i don’t know AHHAHAHA
  2. i tell everyone my favorite christmas song is hallelujah but lowkey it be mistletoe by justin bieber cause it slaps hard

Ooh! I would like to participate!!

    • Tagging @Eva123. She’s helping me with our story. She is really creative and really kind. It would be really fun to spend my Christmas with her. :blob_hearts:
    • Tagging @Mondalsushanta637. She’s been liking ALL my posts, to irritate me, but, she’s really interesting and funny. :blob_hearts:
  1. I think of a Masquerade Ball… I don’t know why… :high_heel:
  2. All I want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey) :microphone:

@TheParisLover No prob luv! Ty for joining :hearts:
@PHCENIX lollllllllll :rofl:
@Maya_Reihnard I’m glad you entered :relaxed: the more the better!
@Zagical np! and @/Cheris is absolutely a star!


This seems like fun an tysm @Zagical your too damn sweet i will cry i promise ya lmao :disappointed_relieved::heart:

  1. I’m tagging @callmegrace.epy because she’s so sweet an she helped my broke ass with a cover an she helps the community so much fr, i would tag more peeps but i don’t really know much of the people on the forum’s so oop :joy:

  2. Alcohol, food an party’s (that’s 3 words but oh well lmao)

  3. Santa tell ~ arianna grande



Thanks :wink:

  1. @meekepeek because hahahahah :smiling_imp: I just want to
    @_haruka my sweetie friend :hugs:

  2. Giftsssssssssssssssssssssss

  3. Song - Miracles in December by EXO :yum:


since some of my favorite have been tagged, I tag @stqrhli because she’s one of my best friends on here and she’s an amazing human being! And @MelanieyM because she’s also amazing and one of my best friends!
Last year for Christmas I got a new puppy and I got to spend one last Christmas with my former puppy (don’t say sorry for your loss it’s fine and so am I)
Hmmm my favorite Christmas song is probably Jingle Bells


thanks for the tag lovee

  1. @SkyM, @eilyk, @PHCENIX already know i wanna spend the holidays with them because of how much they’ve made me cry with laughter! I relate to them more than the “friends” i get to see in person and I LOVE THAT
  2. String Lights because OMFG that’s my favorite part of Christmas is allllllll the pretty lights
  3. Honestly my favorite x-mas song is “all I want for Christmas is you” lmao and that’s it!

Thank you so much for the tag :heart:
And you guys are too sweet @Zagical and @Jubels :heartpulse::heart:

  1. I‘m tagging @Zagical because she‘s a really kind person and her art is great! Also, you can talk with her about everything. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
    I‘m tagging @Jubels because she is a great and friendly person. Her art also is amazing and I really like her humor. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
    You both are great friends and I‘m happy that I’ve met you. :heartpulse:
  2. Family, lights, christmas tree
  3. Last Christmas

@TheDevelopingMeme because she made me awesome pfp what I am going to use for my story :joy: and she is awesome (I am not even sure that she/he is she :joy:)


Jingle Bells Rock (or something)
All I Want For Christmas Is You


What the prize

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@SkyM @Cheris @SkyM @bbygirlbrooks @Mondalsushanta637 @LR_epsd ty all sm for entering! Your entries were wonderful :joy:


Because this is a very small contest, imma choose the winners either today or tomorrow!

So people who have entered so far- if you want, feel free to tag some more people or… whatever lmao

People who have entered

@SkyM @bbygirlbrooks @Zagical @Miss.Barbie @Cheris @Mondalsushanta637 @LR_epsd @Maya_Reihnard @PHCENIX

  1. I would want to spend this holiday with @Krystyn-Kylie She is my first friend on the forums. She is really sweet and deserves lots of love. (Im still working on those cover sorry gurl) She is absolutley amazing. Im trying to refrain from writing an essay.

  2. Family

  3. Jingle Bells


Bump! choosing winners today! enter while ya can :crazy_face:

  1. Although I haven’t been very active lately, @GiadeLynn123 made me a character card around 2 weeks ago which was extremely nice! I think I want to get to know this person better although I haven’t talked to them. If they see this I wish to talk to them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  2. Holiday Magic!! (I know magic isn’t a thing, but the holidays have a magical aura!)
  3. Oh Christmas Tree (Instrumental)
  1. @TheDevelopingMeme because she has been making me art, and other people’s art. She really has alot of work to do and she still stays sweet :slight_smile: I know another person did her too (PS she also likes overwatch so we can play together XD ) I didnt tag someone else bc Im new but if I could I would tag everyone bc they’re all so helpful!
  2. happyfunnyamazingawesomefamilylovingfoodgiftsthankfulness, I think Christmas is a bunch of differnet words/ feelings put into one!
  3. All I Want For Christmas is You- Mariah Carey, this is a song my dad always plays when we open gifts :smiley:

@angelxzriahli @jessy.writes thanks for entering :scream::heart_eyes:

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bump :crystal_ball:

Wow I’m excited :joy:

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