~Santa Clause is coming!~ My gift to you

Bump! choosing winners today! enter while ya can :crazy_face:

  1. Although I haven’t been very active lately, @GiadeLynn123 made me a character card around 2 weeks ago which was extremely nice! I think I want to get to know this person better although I haven’t talked to them. If they see this I wish to talk to them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  2. Holiday Magic!! (I know magic isn’t a thing, but the holidays have a magical aura!)
  3. Oh Christmas Tree (Instrumental)
  1. @TheDevelopingMeme because she has been making me art, and other people’s art. She really has alot of work to do and she still stays sweet :slight_smile: I know another person did her too (PS she also likes overwatch so we can play together XD ) I didnt tag someone else bc Im new but if I could I would tag everyone bc they’re all so helpful!
  2. happyfunnyamazingawesomefamilylovingfoodgiftsthankfulness, I think Christmas is a bunch of differnet words/ feelings put into one!
  3. All I Want For Christmas is You- Mariah Carey, this is a song my dad always plays when we open gifts :smiley:

@angelxzriahli @jessy.writes thanks for entering :scream::heart_eyes:

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bump :crystal_ball:

Wow I’m excited :joy:

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Why? Haha :joy::revolving_hearts:

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Ok to everyone who has entered- I will be announcing the winners soon. I just gotta write ‘em out!


@Mondalsushanta637 @angelxzriahli @jessy.writes @S_Gracie @SkyM @Cheris @bbygirlbrooks @Rose_R @Zagical @Miss.Barbie @Maya_Reihnard @PHCENIX @TheParisLover

have a good day/night/evening <3




So first I wanna say, even though this was a mini contest, thank you to everyone who joined in! I’m sorry to those who did not win, but theres always next time! <3

Also, it was VERY hard to choose winners… so in the end, there are 4 winners :clapping: woohoo! Once you see this post, if you won, please like it so I know you have seen it and I will dm you about your prize :running_woman:

First Place goes tooooo
@PHCENIX !! Congratulations!
Your entry made my laugh! It’s great to see so many people becoming friends even over a game! And my favorite song is Hallelujah :laughing: and when you said ‘because it slaps hard’ I almost lost my weave. Congrats chicita!

Second Place goes to!
@Maya_Reihnard !
Your post was so sweet! and the fact that your friend went around liking all your posts just to annoy you, made me laugh, not gonna lie. I also found it interesting that a masquerade ball makes you think of xmas :joy:

Third Place goes to!!!
@SkyM :scream:
Your entry made my heart smile! Especially with your little puppy :pleading_face: I’m sorry to hear about your former puppy, no animal deserves to die! they should be immortal bc they so cute!!! Also yasss!!! Jingle bells baby!!

Fourth Place goes too
@angelxzriahli :blob_hearts:
Your entry touched me, especially how you added all those words to make one, even though it isn’t a real word. It shows you’re a wonderful and very amazing person <3

EDIT: I tagged the wrong person on one of the winners haha sorry!


To know who’s the winner :joy:

I think you meant @/Maya_Reihnard?

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I’m sorry I just saw this. I don’t know anyone who’d really wanna be my Xmas buddy on here. I’m sure I’m pretty hated lol
One word that relates: jolly

Fav songs: Jingle bells and white Christmas :christmas_tree:

Congrats to the winners and you guys have fun :blush:


@Mondalsushanta637 yes I just realized that haha and no prob @TamiRose <3 thanks for sending your entry anyway

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Congrats to the winners :heart::heart::heart:


That’s me :yum:


Congrats babes!:balloon::blush::clap:

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YOU ARE TOO SWEET :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pleading_face: Love ya!

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