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Hi! I’m Sapphire and Welcome to my shop! Read below for all the info you need and feel free to ask any questions. :blob_hearts:

  1. Credit and follow my Instagram @episodesapphire.
  2. Don’t request more than 3 things at one time because that can be overwhelming and make it slower for other people’s requests.
  3. Be patient.
  4. I don’t do edits or custom poses.
  5. Fill out the form below fully.


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I will read a max of 3 episodes of your story. And you can request feedback in the form if you would like.




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Fill out the form below for your request. I will let you know when your request is completed (:

— Sapphire xx


hi do you do covers for books???

Sure, I can try! I don’t have a section for it in my form but just use the story splash section for it (:

okie do you want the description??

Yes please! The form includes all the details I need to know for your request <3

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okie imma put it under splash

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i submitted it!!

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@Shane_storys What poses are your characters in? And is it a large cover or a small cover?

@adilistic.stories I will get your story read asap!

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I want the guy to have his arm on her head and to be smiling, and the girl to be scrunching her nose!! Is that good or… is that to much??? But I want it to be a waist and up! Thank u!!

I don’t do custom poses but I’ll PM you (:

Your Request

@Shane_storys Thank you for requesting and I hope you like it! <3

@adilistic.stories Your review has been PMed to you! (:

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Bump! Requests open!

@molly247 I will get your story feedback to you ASAP <3

@molly247 Sent your story feedback! <3