Sarah's art request thread <3

image image

Here ya go if you want any changes just tell me <3
You get have extra chances because you adopted me :joy:

skjsksjks thank you it’s perfectttt :joy::heart:

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I kept messing up on the other hand so let’s pretend it’s under the hair…

okay thank u again :triumph: i needed a pfp with my right info cause last time someone didn’t color my eyes :joy: so missing a little hand doesn’t really affect it much

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Okay I tried plus I’m still learning so this is one of my best

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Can I have a pfp?

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Sure I need a reference picture and any extra details (tattoos,piercings)

Could it have two characters?

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Yep as many as you need <3

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Character details



Could you only do the waist and up?
One girl could be winking and one can be laughing.
I like the outfits that they have on with the details but you can change it.

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Okay great I’ll start working on it today <3

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I have 2
One has the names above them and the other doesn’t do take your pick