SarEG’s Art (character edits, overlays, some art scenes)

FCHi everyone! I’m new to this, so please be nice.

Can do character edits if you leave the following information:

Can also attempt art scenes/overlays, but no promises!

Skin color:
Hair color:
Lip shape:
Lip color:
Eye shape:
Eye color:
Outfit (picture please):
Background color:

Here’s an example of some of my work:


Please leave my watermark and credit me in your story if you decide to use.

Can you do a character edit of me?


Animation. Flirt_wink
Backgroun: Cyan or lilac

Sure I’d love to!

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Here you go, I hope you like it!

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Omg! That is sooooooooo cute!:grin:
I LOVE IT!!!:sparkling_heart:

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Anybody else?