♡ SASB's First Outline Contest [June 27th]

Hello my fellow community members, it’s Naya here!! And I have a Outline Contest for all ya’ll!! :heart: This has been requested for so long, so here it is, I bestow this wonderful gift!! Idk what I’m saying :sweat_smile: I’ll get straight to the point, this OC will end up to June 27th, 11am Pacific time, so have fun with it and enjoy!!! This OC is my first so it will be on the comfortable side, but in the future I hope it will be more complex of some sort.

So of course their is gonna be RULES and please abide by them!!

  1. No DRAMA!!! Please no drama on this thread, I understand that it could be interesting, but just please don’t!!
  2. No STEALING!!! No stealing my outline at all!!! And don’t use the outline without my permission, it took a while to make it.
  3. No COPYING others Do not copy others entries or their ideas, thank you.
  4. CHANGING the outline! I do give my full permission to re-ouline my outline, I do that with other OC’s so yeah. But if you have other questions that regards to the outline, please ask, I am here :kissing_heart:
  5. Watermark! I have a little watermark on it, so please do not remove that, but you can put your own on there too.
  6. Entry capacity!! You can enter up to 2 entries.
  7. Have fun with it and enter the PASSWORD as well!! That’s it!!! Pipi
    If you gonna post it on any social media, please tag me and credit OC by @sasb.stories


Original Outline, note that their is another with an added necklace, it doesn’t matter which you use, it’s entirely up to you!! :two_hearts:


Below is my example of it drawn, and also my style of art so you know how it is.

My example

Will fill in once I am done with it, it’s almost done don’t worry!

There will be 3 prizes and plus runner ups in which will get an edit.

  • 1st Place & 2nd Place: Any art of your choice up to 2 (Story Cover, Art Scene, Character Edit, pfp, etc.) with a maximum up to 3 characters. I’ll promote your story as much as I can, I’ll read and add your story to my list, I’ll give you a follow on insta(if not already) with spam of likes, and you get a major role in one of my stories, I’m currently writing.
  • 3rd Place: Any art peice of your choice up to just 1 (Story Cover, Art scene, Character Edit, pfp, etc.) with a maximum up to 2 characters. I’ll spam you on insta and give you a follow(if not already). I’ll also add and read your story on the app, and you will have a minor role in one of my stories.
  • Runner ups (up to 5) will have a character edit of there choice up to 1 person.


Tags! (Mind that these are my fellow friends and ppl that maybe wanted to join, so please don't steal these tags, thank you.)

I can’t think of anymore that ask me to tag them! :sweat_smile:
@Mouse.Episode @Epiexpert @Bridi @Linlin330 @CalyPhina @xetic @Amiraa @Gamer_Gurl @Bumblebree @zapcV @Abimations4 @Silver_Shadow @Tylo @MystikLunaa

You don’t have to be tagged to join, have fun lovelies!!! :relaxed:



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