SAT Prep Tips 📚

I’m currently a junior in highschool and I’m going to be taking the SAT’s in a few months. I’m sure there’s others that have to take it too, so let’s help each other out. So give us tips, do and don’t.

Here’s some more specific questions you can answer too:

•What do you use to study? (Flashcards, notes, websites, ect)
•How do you stay focus and motivated
•How to deal with stress
•How long do you study for and how much do you do in that time
•Tips for taking the test (like different methods, what to answer first)

It also doesnt have to be SAT related it can just be for big tests in general. Or just some supporting words for those of us stressing out too much hehe thanks


Uh one tip i have is when you start, focus on finishing the easy questions and then making sure they’re right instead of focusing on hard questions since they take more time and ur on a time limit and then at the end u can use and leftover time to try the hard questions and guess on certain questions.

Also there’s SAT prep books or whatever u can use to prepare for SAT that had questions that may be on the SAT.


I hate standardized tests ;-; I’m a terrible test taker


I honestly don’t know if I’m taking the SAT. I’m a junior as well, but I live in New York so they canceled it during the fall and might cancel the next one around January.


•What do you use to study? (Flashcards, notes, websites, ect)
I use nothing…
•How do you stay focus and motivated
By not studying :blush:
•How to deal with stress
Stress is complete bullshit, just dont force yourself to study, you’re brilliant
•How long do you study for and how much do you do in that time
I study for like 10 minutes, maximum 1 hours
•Tips for taking the test (like different methods, what to answer first)
Just don’t take stress…

And You may think I’m a bad student by my answers :woozy_face: but…yeah, I become 3rd everytime… I’m not saying thats good


Took it two times and still failed :woozy_face:

  • I study for hours every day, sometimes even more than 5 hours
  • I used khan academy to study for the test and watched some videos

I’m in University now, but I definitely spent a good chunk of time studying for the SAT and ACT! My biggest pieces of advice would be:

  • Don’t procrastinate. You procrastinate today, then you’ll do it tomorrow, and next thing you know it’s the week of the test and you’re cramming.
  • Take a practice test as soon as possible. Don’t waste time studying for areas you know you’ll do well in. If you’re an English whiz, study more math, or vice versa.
  • The SAT, above all, tests you on how good you are at test taking. I did well on the SAT because I learned exactly how the test works. If you’re spending longer than 30 seconds on a problem, skip it and come back to it. Never allow yourself to get stuck on a problem and don’t let anything throw you off your rhythm.
  • Do you get test anxiety? Practice test taking. Practice deep breathing exercises and calming yourself down. Certain studies have shown that you can perform up to 25% better in exams if you’re prepared for the testing conditions.
  • Last but not least: remind yourself that it isn’t the end of the world. Take it early so you can take it twice. You may feel now like your entire future is riding on this test, but a few years from now, you’ll have no clue why you were so worried.

eh I took it a while back so its probs changed since then, but I got a 1:1 tutor who taught me strategies for the different sections. i dont think I used flashcards or even took full tests, but I do remember taking individual sections enough times until I got consistent scores. not that it really changed much, though. which is the annoying thing about this kind of test.

honestly, since the SAT is norm-referenced (normal population with most ppl in the middle of a bell curve… - they’re mostly looking to flag outliers), your score is probably not going to be a good indicator of your abilities or the amount of work you put in. which sucks, right? do enough practice tests to get comfortable with the format, but don’t stress too much if your scores arent reflecting the effort you’re putting in. on the day of the test, pack some snacks, wear comfy clothes, and do all your favorite things after that long, dreadful exam. it will all work out, I promise :two_hearts:

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Taking practice SATs helps a lot. Make sure to time yourself and pretend like it’s the real thing.

Personally, jotting down notes helps me remember. They’re great for reviewing past curriculum (especially for math), and you can skim through them before you take the test to refresh your memory.

Khan Academy is great. I personally struggle with the reading comprehension the most, so the website helped me improve a ton over a short period of time. You need to understand how the SAT thinks—understand their process. It’s not about how you think, but rather about how they do.

It’s hard, but the best thing you can do while taking the actual exam is staying calm. You don’t want to sabotage yourself.

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i took it my junior year and this year and failed both🤡don’t be like me.

  • Try Khan Academy

  • Study 10-20 minutes a day (don’t stress or overdo)

  • Start studying early. I waited till the last minute and that didn’t help me AT ALL


I’m a freshman. But I already have an SAT and ACT book lmaooo.

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Which tests are SATs?
I’m from the Uk so our SATs are tests you do in yr6 (5th grade?)
We also have GCSEs which are in yr11 (10th grade?)

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LMAOO MEEE :sob::raised_hand: we failing 🥲

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I’m a sophmore, but I’m in precalc this year, so I started prepping to take the SAT for the following summer. I want to get the SAT done asap!!! but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. like you mentioned, it can get very stressful. some prep tips I would give:
-Do a lot of practice tests prior to going in for the test. Don’t overwhelm yourself!!! do just enough so that you have gotten practice and you feel prepared. Also, check your answers to know how well you are doing! if you keep getting a specific type of question wrong, practice that!!!
-Think of things that make you work faster, better, and efficiently. Whether that be making paragraph notes in the reading and writing sections or writing formulas out in the math section. you do you, to the pass exam!!
-Don’t stress about the test. believe in yourself. Trust that you can do well. if you’ve prepared, you will do great!
-Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. ask your school teachers, friends, outside tutors/resources, parents, older siblings, or basically anyone who can help you! Get all the help you can get. seriously. the SAT is something so blown out of proportion. after you’ve taken it and done well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I know these aren’t super helpful tips, but they are what I follow! I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. (I really wanted to say that lol) Anyways, I hope this might have helped someone!
All the love,
Neha! :revolving_hearts:


The SAT’s is a test used in the U.S. and Canada I think. We take the test to show colleges when you apply but you only really need to take the SAT’s if you want to go to a university.

Ahh ok

i don’t do SATs but i thought i’d give a lil advice anyway:)

i think flashcards is the best and most interesting way. you learn and test yourself all at once which i think really speeds things up. the only downside is it can take a while to make them especially if the topic is big. i normally use quizlet or chegg (quizlet’s better tho lol). but these can be kind of bad to use because you can’t take them into the exam hall to look over before the exam starts:(
if i’m too lazy to make flashcards then i’ll just revise straight from my notes but try to break the material down and simplify it. i try to remember key words and not worry if i can’t remember something word for word. i think it’s better to make some form of revision notes tho so that u have something to use at a later time.

i find it really hard to stay focused but it does happen sometimes. revising from my phone is good because then i can’t get distracted by it. i like to make nice shirt questions and answers on my flashcards so that i can remember them and they are easy to get correct. the more i get correct, the more i feel motivated to keep going.
this is probably not the best advice but pressure can also keep me motivated.
i also just try to visualise how i’ll feel when the exams over and i know that i’ve tried my best. and the feeling i’ll get when i (hopefully) get a good result and the studying paid off.

i don’t if im being honest. when i get seriously stressed i will just cry for 10 mins while feeling sorry for myself then keep going with the task at hand. i just try to take breaks in my work to make me feel better then i get back to it.

i don’t know why but i’m really slow when it comes to preparing study material and sometimes learning it. most of the time i spend to long make the material that i get unmotivated and procrastinate the actual studying. to be honest, a lot of the time i end up studying the morning of the exam and any other time i get (like break time or lunch). this isn’t exactly the best thing to do but i think i study best in the morning and under pressure. i normally do ok in tests when i do this. the results aren’t terrible but they aren’t amazing either.

i don’t have any specific tips but i’d just say don’t panic. take your time and READ QUESTIONS CAREFULLY. try not to miss anything because it’s so annoying when you lose marks just because you didn’t read the question properly:(
if you don’t understand a question circle it or put a star next to it and move on the questions you do understand. you can come back to the question later. you just don’t want to lose easy marks because you were stressing over one hard question.

general advice:
try your best that’s all you can do. listen hard in class and try to process the information and understand it there and then so that u don’t have to study it AS much when the time comes. ask questions when you don’t understand things even if you do it after class or u ask a friend.
if you find yourself running out of time, PRIORITISE!! for example, where i live you need to pass at least english and maths to get a job, so if i was pushed for time i would prioritise studying for those exams. if that still seems like too much then prioritise the topics you learn within the subjects.
do not stress too hard. at the end of the day we are just tiny creatures living in a gigantic universe and while it’s no excuse to give up, it does lighten the load a little. i don’t know about SATs but for most exams you do get the opportunity to re sit them so if it doesn’t go well the first time, there’s almost always a second chance but try ur hardest the first time around.

i wish everyone good luck with their exams and remember to look out for yourself during them. it can get really stressful so if your feeling down, tell someone, don’t let it get to you:)

also, sorry that was so long. i wrote a whole essay😭


Khan Academy is really good for this. I don’t have SATs where I’m from but we do have the LSAT and other tests for post-secondary. Take notes, take apart questions you don’t understand and go through them line-by-line. A good rule of thumb is take a 5 minute break for every 25 minute of studying so you don’t feel like you’re hopelessly studying.

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In the US, SATs are college entrance exams that highschool juniors and seniors take.


Get a good prep book. Kaplan, Princeton Review, Barron’s are good choices! :smile:

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