Save the drama for your mama


You know there has been a lot drama lately, so I thought about making this topic.
We all here love Episode and we all love reading and creating stories, so why should there be any fights?
Everyone who sees this I want you to write everything you love about Episode or your friend.
Let’s stop the drama and let’s make Episode Forums the best we can!

I’ll start with @Elena1creates.
So she’s my bestie on this forums.
Let’s start:
We have a lot more in common than I thought.
We are from diffirent countries and still get along. (why wouldn’t we)
She likes cats (lol)

I love all of you guys and I just wanted to tell you that you are like family to me. :heartbeat:

Bye :hearts:


Omg that’s the sweetest thing that anyone did to me
Thnx bestie :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:




:frowning: I don’t have any friends


Lol don’t worry.


I thank @SilverStar for being my Episode Forum Bestie! :balloon:
I thank Episode for helping me cope with my problems :ribbon:
I also thank @sofia2 for creating this cute and wonderful thread! :two_hearts:


No problem!


I’m sure you’ll make friends here!


You called? :smirk:


Lol what?


“Drama” is my middle name. Or more like the start of my forums username, but close enough.




And so I would like to thank @Drama_Queer for being dramatic!


I love this thread @sofia2
I love your name @Drama_Queer :heart:


Aww thanks!


I would also like to thank @Shani_Theo for putting up with my dramatic attitude! If you completed that, you officially deserve a party for being amazing! Thank you, @Shani_Theo


I’d like to thank you too @AS007 for being my sister and Bestie!


@TheOfficialQueens for introducing me to a lit ass show


I don’t have much friends on here or out. But… @Miss_LK, @software (You’re pretty cool bro), @theother51, and more…


Ayyyyyy right back at you @loveyourself