Save the ink style

I’m pretty sure every single reader in Episode loves the Ink style, and ever since the Limelight style showed up the Ink style started to fade away, I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN THE CLOTHES IN THE LL STYLE??? So if you share the same opinion let me know. :heart::heart::kissing_heart:


I think Episode has already said they’re done with Ink for good

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I think saying that “every single reader” is definitely a reach. I personally like LL more than ink. Both the characters and the clothes look more realistic. Plus, Cass and Liz has made it very clear that they cannot make diverse characters because of the coding of the ink style. Many people want a more diverse character pool and to do that they had to create a new style. That is why they are no longer going to update ink. Many readers and writers felt the exact same way when ink was released. Some people still love classic and write in that style. They aren’t going to remove classic or ink. You can still read and write in ink even thought there will be no updates to it. It’s not the end of the world.

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Thanks for sharing your opinion :heart:

I like Ink more
LL has stuff tht i dont like (cant find a good natrual lip for my skintone)
The only appeal is the clothing
I wish theyd update for ink i dont want it fading away. Ink still needs more stuff to me(mainly stuff they abandoned it with LL for)(and has half the clothes of classic and LL)(correct me if im wrong)
To me they should have kept the LL as an episodes feature and let us use ink and classic tht would make featured stories have an appeal to play them.

Sorry, I don’t really like the INK style and there are a few that agree. Every single reader is a stretch.

To be real, INK style will disappear just like Classic did. I wanted to save Classic and thought it wouldn’t die because of how much support it had… well, look at where we are now.

Though, in my honest opinion, Episode is much more supportive of INK then they were of Classic, when INK was introduced. But, I still feel like it will die out.

You’re more than welcome to mourn with me, though. I know how it feels to see your favorite style that you’ve come to love, to start fading. :slight_smile:

Ink doesn’t need saving, I mean, it’s not like they’re going to remove it or anything. They’re just not creating new clothes or animations anymore, and since it’s their app that’s their prerogative.

The best way to stop it from “dying out” (if by “dying out” you mean going down the same route as Classic has) is to continue publishing stories in the Ink style.