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I would like it like that:

You know what I mean?

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Which one of these do you want the text overlay to be?

Its like all in one overlay like on the picture

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Tysm for requesting I will get on it right away.

Into the unknown

@episode.leona i hope this is what u want?

Thatβ€˜s perfect!! Thank youu x

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@Briana17 will be unavailable for a while @Jazzy9894 and @cheywrites so if you need a drawing I maybe know someone who can draw on her but she said she edits but I will pm her to see if she can do them in drawing if you guys like.

Hey guys I’m having some family problems rn so @Jpassen and @Catniss will be around but I will still be available but only sometimes if I don’t answer right away and you need a request from me one of then will let me know and I will send them ur request and they will put it on here.

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