Save the planet from plastic

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Ban Da Plastic, People!


I agreeee too :slight_smile:

I don’t think the planet needs saving. She’s smart and knows how to take care of herself. Surely she will destroy us before we can even get close to really causing harm to her.

Things have happened to her all throughout history, and like any living being, she adapts to things.

I’m not saying people should just throw their stuff everywhere. We have specific places for things we’ve made to die at. But I feel like sometimes we can worry too much.

She’ll be just fine. The majority of people don’t go around just throwing their bottles out of their cars. There’s gas stations that we can throw our stuff out at in their cans.

And even so, there’s people that do community service and pick these things up for the people that don’t quite have the decency to wait until they reach a can.

That’s just my two cents, though. ^^

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For as long as the earth has existed, we humans have only been on it for a minuscule amount of time and have done a great deal of damage. I think taking action is important. And there’s actually so many people who are too lazy who just throw their stuff anywhere or even stop by a petrol station to chuck their shit out.

I agree to an extent. Humans have caused some harm. But we aren’t the only things that have harmed the earth. We definitely aren’t the worst things to harm the earth.

We cut down forests to make way for more humans to live in places, but volcanoes and floods also have destroyed forests. She really can take care of herself! It’s really lovely!

Many people are too lazy, but the majority, like probably far more than half the people on the planet do the right thing and clean up after those that are too lazy.

Myself, included. I’ve never done community service, but I have just kinda gone for walks and picked up some nonsense I’ve come across on the way down the streets. (Especially on garbage day, where all the trash cans are on people’s driveways) ^^

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