Saving changes in published story


so my first story is out, but I made a few changes to make it better. does saving it make it live to the readers or do I have to do something else? also, I made a small change to my story description but only I can see the change on my profile. how can I change that where everyone else can see it?

No. You have to update the story to see the changes.

Hi! You need to type “Update” - is the same button you typed to publish your story

And the descriptions changes will be set on live, after you press “Save changes” down bellow

Thank you! I have a chapter unpublished will hitting update publish it?

Yes. I don’t know, if it is a new one, and not just the last one with some improvements.
Basically, if you want to add an unpublished episode just click there

There you’ll be seeing all of your episodes, and if you have some of them not published yet, like me, just type the bottom option, dependently of which episode you want to publish

Ok thanks a lot !!

Your welcome! :heart: