Saving episodes problem

When I go to save an episode it works perfectly, but it only works the first time. Say a few errors come back, so I fix them and go to save the episode again, but the button just stops working. I have to reload the whole page, fix my errors again then save it and I really don’t understand why it keeps doing it. Also, the previewer hasn’t worked once since it came out and when I look at a certain action for a character, the little X button doesn’t work, so I have to reload my portal to get rid of it.

I don’t know if anybody else is experiencing these problems, but if anyone knows how to fix them please tell me. Hopefully all of these problems are fixed soon!

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Try submitting a support ticket if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

I’m clueless, how do I do that?

Just use this link :wink:

Hey I have a problem…
I reported a story by accident and it removed from my episode app, but I wan’t to read the story. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Hi! If you submit a ticket to our support team they’ll be happy to help you out :slight_smile: