Saving the script

Is it just me or a lot of times the script won’t save? And it’s not the first time this happens to me, I’ve lost a lot of work and that is really testing my patience.


Yeah sometimes it glitches for me as well

It only happened one time to me, but it showed me an error back then and it was the fault of my internet connection.:sweat_smile:
Make sure you`re probably connected.
Which browser are you using? Episode works best on Chrome.:hugs:
Have you tried reloading the script on a new tab?
If none of this helps, then I would make sure to always save your script elsewhere on your Laptop before closing it.
So, the next time it does not save, you are able to copy the script from there and paste it into Episode.:thinking:

I hope I could help…:rofl:


Since I have good internet connection and I’m on Chrome, I’m gonna stick with saving the script in a file, thank you for the advice =^=

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No problem, happy to help! :heartbeat:

Submit a ticket to admin if you would like :slight_smile: