Saw ~ Official Roleplay


Finally, I’m ready to start this torturous journey with you all.

I’m just sorry it took me so long for me to set up.

Please make sure you read ALL of this information before starting!

The Plot:

This solely depends on RPers with a certain amount of maturity.
The kidnapper (a sadistic shit) who will be played by me. He is the one who gives you instructions, creates and describes the traps, gives you your choices and sets the time limit before your untimely end.
Your characters will be trapped in a room or some other place. Most, if not all, are locked up somehow (handcuffed, ropes, bear traps, etc). You’ll be teamed up in a way, as the kidnapper is suggesting you must choose to kill the other for your freedom. Though, finding another way around it would be a good idea.

The RP is over when either one person is left, or the survivors escape.
It is an RP, but does have an element or two of SG to explain the traps and location and such! Since this is an RP/SG, it will be slightly slower than other RPs that start up. However, I am active and will NOT be dropping this. This is my baby! I’ll be reading through it every day and giving new information when needed.
You do have to be active - AT LEAST online ONCE a day. Though not all characters are needed to start with, characters will be slowly added in.


Alright, there are 12 main characters. There will also be a number of minor characters, some I will play. Mind you, ANY of MY characters, as well as other minor characters can/need to be killed. Up to you.

Main Characters
In each group:
Group One: 4 characters start immediately.

  • Piercings
  • Athlete
  • Selfish Doctor
  • Obese or Unfit/lazy

Group Two: 1 character starts 1-2 weeks after RP starts.

  • A controller/dominant

Group Three: 2 characters start 1-2 weeks after RP starts.

  • 2x Controlled/submissive

Group Four: 2 characters start 2-3 weeks after RP starts.

  • A Bully
  • The bullied turned bully

Group Five: 2 characters start 2-3 weeks after RP starts.

  • 2x indirect murderers

Also, each main character in groups 1 to 4 needs to choose ONE of the following:

  • Junkie or dealer
  • An alcoholic
  • An insensitive blogger (Complainer, hurts people’s feelings)
  • Abusive to spouse (Any gender, any martial arrangement)
  • Discriminates (about anybody for anything)
  • Identity theft (has multiple identities)
  • Arsonist
  • Bribery (Rich and Rumpelstiltskin-like.)
  • Therapist (Works with abuse victims)

Minor Characters
Minor characters will start appearing during the fifth group of main characters. Though, like I said above, they can die!
Please reserve on the sign-up chat if you want to be a minor character. I’ll put you on a list and PM you with what is needed just before they’re needed in the RP.

Also, it would be preferable that RPers write at least 3-5 lines each post, for other RPers. No one-liners, as they don’t give enough for others to work with.


  • Basic information starts in FCs, and then will be slowly added as the RP continues.

Location Map

  • Basic information starts and then will be slowly added as the RP continues. Most of the time, I will mention when additional information is added, in my posts.

  • Please don’t write anything below until I introduce your character with a small description of their whereabouts. Simply like the post and I’ll know to add you into the scene.
  • Write what your character does, yes, but please don’t move too quickly, because some actions have consequences for either you or another character.

Basic Rules
  • Follow the roleplaying/storygaming Rules and formats (of this forum).
  • If you write an ORP then do so like this under your post, “ORP: I’m writing an out of character message right now.
  • However, general chat should be had on the sign-up thread. Do not post a non-character post, please, we want to keep this thread tidy.

People who were, or could be, interested …

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@Chocolate_Mama @ShortSpaces @EpisodeLover_13 @Ella @ScarletSwanHunter @Wingsoffire @epi.alyssaa @jdepisode

Hope you enjoy my sadistic side!


Victoria Green can’t see anything in this pitch black room. Her neck has a metal plate around it that is bolted to the cold wall behind. Is the wall concrete or stone, she cannot tell, but it is rough. Her feet are bare and wet, while water is lapping up the sides of her shins. Her left hand is clasped around something small and cylindrical, with her thumb hovering above it. It feels like a button perhaps …

@Littlefeets - Welcome :smirk:


The room is pitch black and you cannot see anything, but Edgar L. Ripley can feel pain. Pain in his lower earlobes, tongue, nose, sides of his neck, and belly button. His hands are gripping two pulleys on the walls either side of him, as he’s in a corner. If he moves or loosens his grip on the pulleys, then pain will ensue …

@HermanEpisode - Have fun :smirk:


Edgar L. Ripley
He opened his eyes slowly to reveal pitch black. It wasn’t much of an improvement from seeing the inside of his eyelids. The pain was evident in many parts of his body, some of them more uncomfortable than the others. Where the fuck am I? He asked himself silently. He felt the strange objects in his hands, unsure of what he was holding onto. He was begnning to loosen his grip, but the pain only worsened as he did so, causing him to cry out and retighten his grip.


Victoria Green
I woke up wondering how much I had to drink, because when I opened my eyes to pitch black and I was against the wall with water on me I knew something had to be up. I had something in my hand that felt like a button. I really wanted to press it but I figured it was probably not a good idea to do right now. I was really starting to wonder where I was. Then I heard something that sounded like someone crying out in pain. “Is someone there?”


Emilia “Em” Astor’s position was different to the other, not that she knew that with the darkness surrounding them. Her long brunette hair fell above her head because she was inverted, hanging by her restrained ankles. This would not be the best time to get sick …

@QueenChid - Enjoy :smirk:

As Edgar released his pressure slight on the levers, the points in his ears, nose, and neck pulled. He had new piercings. He could feel that. He quickly gripped tightly again, not wanting to find out what would happen if he were to let go.



:hamburger: Emilia “Em” Astor

Her eyes fluttered open, and she felt disoriented, confused on where she was at and what time of the day it was. What the hell happened to me? In the darkness, it was hard (impossible, really) to tell. And her head was so sore, she could hardly keep her eyes open. She felt tight restraints around her ankles and she groaned, hating the feeling of the metal rubbing against her skin, as it strained to hold her weight up. Realizing now that she was suspended upside down, Em decided to focus on her breathing, which was quite shallow at the moment. Her stomach turned and she fought back the urge to vomit; who knows when she’d eat again. Oh her mouth watered at thinking about that Big Mac combo she couldn’t have. This was painful and she just wanted to have a Big Mac and a vanilla milkshake. She started to cry, loud, wailing sobs that took way more breath out of her than she had.


Before Ash Ben opened his eyes, he can feel a thick band around his waist, not removable. When he eventually opened his eyes, he couldn’t see through the blackness. Straining his eyes doesn’t work, there’s no light. Though be careful when moving, it could affect yourself or others …

@Tellyg47 - Good luck :smirk:


Ash Ben
When Ash woke up, he wondered if he was still sleeping. Not being able to see anything he close he’s eyes and open them again, definitely not a dream. He thought hoping that his eyes was just adjusting to the darkness. Ash felt something around his waist and wondered what it was. It would be better if someone would turn on the lights for he can know if he was injured but since he didn’t feel no pain right now he thought he was good. Hearing someone scream means other people are hear. good, I’m not alone. Nothing was holding him back, so he decided to take a step forward.


As Ash took one step forward, the water seemed to rise slightly around Victoria’s lower shins.



Edgar L. Ripley
He could feel the pain pulsing through his body in specific points. The certain locations of pain felt familiar to him, but he wasn’t so sure if he was correct. It felt like new piercings that were being painfully tugged at whenever he would move. A naval piercing? Was I really that dumb last night or something? He thought, still unsure about it all. He had never wanted such a piercing as it gave him a strange painful feeling when he even poked it normally. “Fuck,” He muttered.


Victoria Green
I noticed the water start to rise. I figured it was at least a good thing that I was tall, so if the water kept rising I would be ok longer than most people. If only I could actually move, but there was metal around my neck holding me to the wall. I figured if the water was going to rise what else did I have to lose, so I decided to press the button that was in my hand.



An electric shock was sent through her hand and right through her body. It was sharp and quick, but still painful.

@Littlefeets - Be careful about dropping the object. Also, remember you can’t see the water rising, only feel it.


Ash Ben
Ash heard the sound of a girl screaming or maybe a taster. He couldn’t really tell but he wondered if the timing of the sound was at the same time of his footstep. He couldn’t tell and he really hated whatever this was. Am I in a basement? Is this so type of saddest prank for what I did in my past? Why are there other here? He wonder he had more questions than answers and this wasn’t making his day better. He took another step listening for that sound again.


Victoria Green
When I pressed the button it shocked me. It was painful enough to make me let out a small scream. I knew I shouldn’t have pressed the button. I figured since I was pretty sure I could feel the water rising some that I might as well try to see if anybody else was there. “Hello! Is anybody there?!? Can anybody hear me?!?” Even as I said that all I was thinking about was if I could just have a drink to take my mind off of this.


As Ash took his second step forward, the water rose slightly around Victoria’s lower shins again. Though, this time the container she was standing in constricted by an inch. And the rose to just under her knee.



Edgar L. Ripley
He could hear someone screaming, but he wasn’t sure who it even was, or where they were. They seemed to be somewhat close, or at least close enough to be heard. “I can hear you.” He shouted back to them. They sounded female to his ears, but he wasn’t too terribly sure. He turned his head a little bit, trying to look where the sound came from. It wouldn’t have done anything good, as it was pitch black in the room.


As Edgar turned his head to the right, the new piercing in is left ear started to pull. It must have been attached to something.



Victoria Green
I was relieved to hear that someone else was there. I wondered how much the water was going to end up rising, since I could feel that it was just under my knees. “Great at least I’m not alone… Where are you?” I called out to the guy I could hear.



Edgar L. Ripley
He hissed in pain when he felt something pulling his left ear a bit, it hurt more than he was expecting. He moved his head back to facing right ahead, figuring that’s where it would hurt the least. “I have no idea.” He responded to the other. Where the fuck even are we? Why am I here? I didn’t do anything.’