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This solely depends on RPers with a certain amount of maturity.
The kidnapper (a sadistic shit) who will be played by me. He is the one who gives you instructions, creates and describes the traps, gives you your choices and sets the time limit before your untimely end.
Your characters will be trapped in a room or some other place. Most, if not all, are locked up somehow (handcuffed, ropes, bear traps, etc). You’ll be teamed up in a way, as the kidnapper is suggesting you must choose to kill the other for your freedom. Though, finding another way around it would be a good idea.

The RP is over when either one person is left, or the survivors escape.
It is an RP, but does have an element or two of SG to explain the traps and location and such! Since this is an RP/SG, it will be slightly slower than other RPs that start up. However, I am active and will NOT be dropping this. This is my baby! I’ll be reading through it every day and giving new information when needed.
You do have to be active - AT LEAST online ONCE a day. Though not all characters are needed to start with, characters will be slowly added in.


Alright, so for creating characters, there are 11 main characters (+1 that’s already taken). There will also be a number of minor characters, some I will play. Mind you, ANY of MY characters, as well as other minor characters can/need to be killed. Up to you.

Main Characters
In each group:
Choose a characteristic/feature…
Group One: 4 characters start immediately.

  • Piercings Taken
  • Athlete Taken
  • Selfish Doctor Reserved
  • Obese or Unfit/lazy Reserved

Group Two: 1 character starts 1-2 weeks after RP starts.

  • A controller/dominant Taken

Group Three: 2 characters start 1-2 weeks after RP starts.

  • 2x Controlled/submissive Taken and Reserved

Group Four: 2 characters start 2-3 weeks after RP starts.

  • A Bully Taken
  • The bullied turned bully One Reserved

Group Five: 2 characters start 2-3 weeks after RP starts.

  • 2x indirect murderers One Reserved

Also, each main character in groups 1 to 4 needs to choose ONE of the following:

  • Taken Junkie or dealer
  • Taken An alcoholic
  • Reserved An insensitive blogger (Complainer, hurts people’s feelings)
  • Reserved Abusive to spouse (Any gender, any martial arrangement)
  • Reserved Discriminates (about anybody for anything)
  • Taken Identity theft (has multiple identities)
  • Taken Arsonist
  • Taken Bribery (Rich and Rumpelstiltskin-like.)
  • Reserved Therapist (Works with abuse victims)

Minor Characters
Minor characters will start appearing during the fifth group of main characters. Though, like I said above, they can die!
Please reserve if you want to be a minor character. I’ll put you on a list and PM you with what is needed just before they’re needed in the RP.

Also, It would be preferable to have RPers who write at least 3-5 lines each post, for other RPers. No one-liners, as they don’t give enough for others to work with.

Start date will be when all of the first group of main characters have signed up.


  • Basic information starts in FCs, and then will be slowly added as the RP continues.

When the role-play starts, this thread will be used for general chat to keep the RP only for the story.

People who were, or could be, interested …

@jdepisode, @Ella, @oorgeloop, @Littlefeets, @SilverStar, @epi.alyssaa, @Chocolate_Mama, @Wingsoffire, @readerslivesouls, @Tellyg47, @Cam, @Mashia, @Lady-Mehek (just in case), @Cricket_Master, @ScarletSwanHunter, @Queen_Faith, @Once, @Kyralynn, @ShortSpaces, @KroKoro, @QueenChid, @Hail_the_Stxrs, and @themaystorms

Saw ~ Official Roleplay
New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

Wait, who are the main characters? And also reserve for 2 minor characters. :smile:


They’re listed under characters. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t see them, sorry if I’m dumb.


Here! :slight_smile: Plus, the second characteristic is below this …


I’d like to reserve one minor character. :slight_smile:


Hey, what’s Tammy’s surname?




What should be the age range for the characters? I don’t want to make my character too young.


Preferably an adult. Absolutely NO younger than 18, but saying that, I prefer not to have all young ones as well.


Can I reserve a minor character?
And can I reserve the obese/lazy characteristic or not?


Which Major characters are already taken?


Yes and Yes, @QueenChid.

@Wingsoffire, I’m trying to keep the list above up-to-date and writing next to the ones that are taken!!!


Okay, can I reserve for the athlete and arsonist?


Can I reserve the Athlete characteristic?


We both typed and replied that at the exact same time… :sweat_smile:


@Wingsoffire and @Littlefeets, Ummmm?


Yeah lol. You can have the Athlete if you would like.


Thanks. :smile: that was just the one I could think of the best character for.


I would reserved for a dominating controller or a indirect murderer whichever is free