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I could do the other character if you’d like


Okay, so like the two in group three, the character needs to be submissive. :wink:

Okay, group three’s character, do you want to just adopt @ShortSpaces’ character or recreate your own?


Due date?


May I perhaps see what this character is like and maybe change them or make a completely different one?


Oh shit, sorry, in about three days okay?

Okay, want me to send you the character to check out?

@Chocolate_Mama, just waiting for your reply! :wink:


Oof okie dokie


Yes please!


Can you also send me the characters to check. :pray:


Sure, that’s fine with me.

One more question; am I supposed to sign them up in the sign ups or just PM their info to you?


Umm… for who?


Either is fine by me!


Okay, sorry guys, back at it now!

  • Group three is due to start soon.
  • @HermanEpisode and @QueenChid, I’ll add Arwen and Ava tonight, and I’ll make sure they fit into the plot in the next couple of days.
  • Group three will begin at the weekend by the very latest. :wink:


Okay, as soon as @mage158 confirms they’re ready, I’ll make the next post (Group Three). As I know @HermanEpisode and @QueenChid are. :wink:

If I don’t hear back in the next day or two, does anyone wanna adopt or quickly make another character? @Tellyg47, @amberose, @Littlefeets, @EpisodeLover_13, or @Wingsoffire?


I would be willing to adopt a character or make one.




Cool. I’m only checking because you never replied to my previous post when I tagged you. I mean, this is a slower story, but will you be able to post at least ONE post a day?




Ah, me too!
But you asked first, so you can! :slight_smile:


Hey @CrazyCaliope, I noticed that Ava’s last name was Child, and I wanted to ask if you could change it to Alfonsi-Stone?

Sorry, I have no idea why I put that.


can i reserve for a girl in group five?


Sorry love, I did see this but completely forgot to reply. Doing it now!

Umm… How active are you planning to be in the coming months?