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Okay, so it just has to be something illegal that my character did?


Yeah, but I will tell you that yours is one of the more innocent ones. Not necessarily a crime, so if YOU don’t want one then that’s fine!


But would the insensitive blogger characteristic count as a crime? Or if I chose not to do one, would I just leave that section of the form blank?


Was an age put for in the form?


Well, with the “traps” I’ve created for both characteristics, they’re more just harsh … so not really a crime per se. … The insensitive part could just be really cruel, and we discover it is heading toward crime. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Yeah, if YOU choose not to then just write NA.


You put 23.


Do you mind if I change it to 28 instead? I didn’t entirely mean to make him as young as I did.


Okay thanks! Got it.


Yes, absolutely! Sorry to take so long to reply. I was on my phone yesterday and must have missed your message!


Okay … The list so far since everything is taken …

Main characters

@HermanEpisode - Piercings/identity theft Complete
@Littlefeets - Athlete/Alcoholic Complete
@Tellyg47 - Selfish Doctor/discriminates
@QueenChid - Obese or lazy/blogger

@Chocolate_Mama - Controller/bribery Complete

@ShortSpaces - Controlled/therapist
??? - Controlled

@EpisodeLover_13 - Bully/dealer Complete
@Ella - Bully turned bullied (alcoholic was taken before you signed up. So we have an arsonist or abusive to spouse.) Half-Complete

@ScarletSwanHunter - indirect murderer
@Wingsoffire - indirect murderer

Minor character list


One more space available!


What am I supposed to fill this? Sorry :sweat_smile:


Can my crime be like me letting someone die when I was supposed to save him and talk about he when he was died


Right, so you’re actually similar to Chid’s character in the way that the “traps” I’ve created for both characteristics are more just harsh and not really a crime per se.
So, you can choose a mild crime for your character, or no crime. If the latter is the case, then just write NA!


Possibly, as long as you embrace both characteristics!


Okay, so the first group have all signed up and I said that’d we start the RP as soon as that happens. However, I wanted to check with you guys as well, to see if you are ready for me to do that. :smile:
When shall we start?

  • Either today or tomorrow
  • This week
  • Next weekend
  • The weekend after

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People who have signed up/reserved

@HermanEpisode @Littlefeets @Tellyg47 @QueenChid

@Chocolate_Mama @ShortSpaces @EpisodeLover_13 @Ella @ScarletSwanHunter @Wingsoffire @epi.alyssaa


Okay, since half the people in the first group want it later, I may start it early next week. Though, remember that with this RP we CAN/SHOULD take our time to wait for replies. There’s NO rush! We’re aiming for quality over quantity! :+1:

Also, if we are starting within this next week, then we still need one more controlled/submissive who is abusive to spouse !


Can I reserve for Abusive to spouse?


Yes, of course! However, the character needs to also be controlled/submissive, which is an interesting contraction! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


Wait, what does controlled/submissive mean?


It means they’re not a dominant personality. Others take advantage of them. This could work because they could be dominant and abusive at home, but submissive and a pushover in other aspects of their life?! :man_shrugging: