Say hello in your language!



Hey! So say hello in your language! I’ll start “Merhaba”- Turkish!

Link to google translate if needed! :joy:


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Oh, thank you! :sparkling_heart:




Howzit - not so much a language but it’s how we say hey lol


Weh gaan an or just a simple hi ? Literally the craziest thing to say.


Dia duit.
Dia is muire duit.
Conas tá tú?
Tá mé go maith.
Cad is ainm duit?
Drama_Queer is anim dom.




Is fuath liom mé féin


Right :joy::joy: That’s how we talk where I’m from.


:joy::joy: It’s nice!


Where are you from!


ROI. Ppl are so assuming about our country tbh, we are nothing like what they say.


Ahoj :grin::grin: (Slovak language)


Oooh! I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland! We’re not that far away!


Hello! Lol, I’m English :laughing:


Hey! I think you were on my other thread, about being British? :sweat_smile::thinking:


No? :joy:


Grias di
or just a simple:
(I’m Austrian)


Ahhh! Sorry! :joy: You seem familiar though!?