Sayanjali's Overlay Workshop! *OPEN* *INCLUDING LIMBS*

If you need help creating/getting an overlay, I’ll help you! :slight_smile:

Examples I created


I can also cut something from a background for you!


Hello! Your overlays look really cool. I was wondering if you could make me three overlays. I’d like a blue flame, red flame, and a teal one. Thank you!

Red Flame




Now, I wasn’t really sure about the teal and blue but let me know if you need any changes! :slight_smile:


They’re great! Thank you!

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Oooooo! I’m not on that particular level yet, but I think I will need a couple of overlays for a particular part of my story! May I reply you later when I decide on what I need?


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If anyone need an overlay, don’t be afraid to ask!

Can you make me a background?

sure :slight_smile:

What kind of background?

I ment cover for my knew story😂

I can try

So what would you like to know

I need details for your cover. And how would you like it?

I would like a girl with
Mocha skin
Azure full round lips
Oval head
Seductive arch eyebrows
Black dancer bun (hair)
Eleven nose shape
Upturned luxe white eyes
And i want her to be looking sad
And a boy who has
Short cropped hair (chestnut)
Button nose
Toffe skin coler
Small round lips(toffe)
Defind triangle head shape
And him to be looking sad also
And but broken hearts some where up there
Classic round purple eyes
And the background to be something like fire

Ink or limelight? And what are they doing? And what background?

Ink, and a fire background, they are both making
Sad kinda heart broken faces


I want the girl to have on a white pencil skirt with a pair of whit heels and a red crop top(does not matter what kind)
And the boy to have on a red and white shirt with tight black pants, red and balck utility boots and a long sleve tatto

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Okay, I’ll give it to you in an hour :slight_smile: