Saying doesn't exist (Coding Error!)

I copied and pasted it and I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong?

You must change @FEMALEAVATAR to ur characters name

So @EMILY for example<

But the character doesn’t have a permanent name
like the read decides the name

Did u make the character tho?

To be honest I don’t know cause this scripting is really advanced for me

Cause you choose the gender of the character as well

:thinking: I’m pretty sure @Dara.Amarie has a script template for picking the gender out so try using that first. And make both character genders just in case. Name one of em. MC1 and MC2 and incorporate that into your script. You’ll have to use if and else.

Oh I’m using her character making script but not her gender making script

So it should be like this after u have the gender script template

if ( gender_female ) {
(the customization template for the female)
} gender_male {
(the customization template for the male)
If I’m not mistaken

Oh u need to use both haha

…well that’s “fun”

Yeah it’s a lot of coding

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You have to change all the FEMALEAVATAR to your own character’s name, thats why you are getting that error.

It does not matter if reader’s choose that character’s name. That is only for the display name. You still need to always use that character’s script name in the script.

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