Saying Goodbye to the Social Feed

lmao i didn’t even get this feature to begin with. can’t believe 2 years passed by and it’s gone. seriously, about how many people had this feature compared to the actively playing population who didn’t? :rofl:

I think you guys should SOME sort of social interaction on the app like Webtoons and Wattpad have a comment section. You guys took away the disquis comment section years ago for some reason. I still enjoy the app even without social aspects but it’s nice to have discussions about stories we love with other people within the app itself. I honestly only follow one author from Episode on instagram.

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I never got the social feed, and I was looking forward to having it. It seems to have been of help to people who did use it properly…

If this was released to everyone then maybe you guys would have had a better idea of whether to keep it or not, but you guys only released it to some and the rest of use were left out of it, then just asking anyone whether they had the feed or not, great move there mate…


Their response to me was that this issue is affecting a few readers but they don’t have an ETA on when this will be fixed.

I don’t understand this decision coz I love the social feed so much.


Honestly, I agree with pretty much everything that other users have said above, I believe that the feed should not be removed however I suppose I can understand why this decision was made. That being said, I do not agree with this quote:

As the screenshot that I’ve provided shows, the majority of users do like the feed and would not like it to be removed. While I do not believe that this decision will be changed, I do still hope that the outpouring of user support will cause you to reconsider. Thank you :heart:


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Before you guys remove the social feed give everyone the chance to try it out for at least 2 months at most then do a survey to see what everyone thinks of it, then go from there…

Again it’s just ridiculous to remove it without everyone having it and have proper feedback from that…

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Yikes… It’s official

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If a lot of people didn’t have it then it’s not proper feed back is it? How about rolling it out for everyone before making the decision? A lot of us who had it used it for updating our followers when new chapters were put. I got w far greater response asking episode related questions on there than on my Instagram and it’s also a good way to get smaller author authors names out there. I literally gained 1000 followers in just over a week (I follow only episode on there) just by posting something every few days. That would take me ages on instagram they could be potentially 1000 new readers but without the feature they’d never known I existed!


Never had it, wish I did, though. Also, I doubt something’s going to change. As soon as they make a thread about an upcoming change in the app, it’s settled. It’s always easier to throw something out than let everyone test it and maybe enjoy it.

Pretty disappointed.

I had no idea it even existed, but to me it wasn’t around long enough or at least released to the majority of people so it’s hard to determine that it was useless to the small amount of people that had it. Maybe it would have been more helpful had this been introduced to more people in the app. :woman_shrugging:t5:

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My social feed has officially gone :sob:!!! I hope episode rethink this, I personally think it’s ridiculous removing it after only asking a minority of people who had access to it.

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I miss the feed already :cry: I went to post and was like oh yeah it’s gone
I hate this

They also should have make sure to ask the people who used it

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I know I’m way late, but I used and wrote on episode from like 2015-2018 took a break and now I’m back and I never used the forums. So I’m like reading everything. Anyways, with that being said, what the heck was social feed😂 like I get I probably didn’t have it, considering so many people saying many of us didn’t… but I wanna know what it was? Was it the fan mail thing?

It was like and " twitter and instagram" put together it looked like instagram but was message you would post and it would have your character with a speech bubble of what you posted. example


That’s lit!

There are photos on here with what it looked light and that shit’s lit.

Wow that actually sounds like something the younger audience could have benefited from. A lot of 13-15 year olds aren’t allowed social media.

But they said they didn’t ask the people who use it and most of them seemed to like it from what I’m getting? So technically, they are disfavouring the majority? So how about the people who like it…wouldn’t it be unfair to them? I have so many questions.