Saying Goodbye to the Social Feed

Nooo :sob:


I have nearly 18k followers on the episode app and I didnt really find it useful. I would forget about it since I have instagram and didnt really need both, then I’d feel bad for not responding to something on there.

It’s much easier to talk and put updates on instagram.

Does episode still tell u when there is an update to a story in your favorites?

I also don’t have the Profile section after the update even though I’ve had an episode profile since 2018 :neutral_face: :thinking:

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This seemed cool, but I get it! I cannot wait to see future ideas and updates!

Do you have an android or an iPhone?

I don’t think you should get rid of the social feel just yet. Not everyone got to experience what it is to be able to give feedback on whether it worked, and that includes me. The comments you guys received was only based on a portion of those who had access to it. I don’t think it’s fair. From what I am reading in the replies to this post, it seems like something I would definitely love to try and maybe even have.

Edit: considering one of the comments was about the social feed being a potential danger to young teens who are being groomed, I think you should make a modification to having only the author communicate to their audience instead of the audience communicating to the author.


Omfg, seriously? This was 80% of why I used the app. :sob:

I liked how it’s a smaller overall community than Instagram or Twitter. I had a small following (400-some) and posted funny moments and thoughts (the kind of things that would otherwise have been tweets). If I’d done the same with a Twitter account, I probably would’ve languished in obscurity because of how huge (and unregulated) the Twitter community is.

I know Episode was never really intended as a social media platform, and perhaps I was wrong to use it that way, but I found it to be interesting and fulfilling and, again, most of why I used the Episode app.

Really, really disappointed (and, frankly, angry) to see it go. I really hope Episode’s time and server space can be put to something good to make this sacrifice worthwhile, but for me personally, I doubt it. :frowning_face:


Me looking at her passes and wish I have that amount :heart_eyes:

Well, goodbye social feed! :sleepy:


Look at all her diamonds!!!

Imagine all the choices she can make

Bye Bye social feed


While it is a shame to see it go, i never had this feature so to me it’s no big deal

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Everyone: Someday we’ll all have the social feed.
Social Feed:


On a slightly more serious note I’m glad it’s gone (even though I never had it and totally wanted it). I just think it’s one of those things that if we can’t all have the chance to use it then what’s the point of only a small percentage getting it? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Unless it’s seeing the gem choices. Those can stay away from me.


What the different?

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I… :pleading_face:

I agree with everyone who said it might would have improved authors’ and readers’ experiences more if it was rolled out for more people. I’ve always thought that it would be a great feature for small authors and of course, for anyone who doesn’t have Insta.

But yeah I’m glad to see that it’s finally addressed, at least I know I don’t have to wait for it anymore



Aw, Annie :cry:

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I would say it’s fine because indeed it was kind of dead and maintaining it would be an unnecessary expense. However it’s hard to say something about the impact, because majority of the users didn’t have it. So we can’t say how it would work released to everyone.

I hope we don’t get the same answer for Ivy. :cry::cry::cry:

For the comment who was getting inappropriate messages: I believe there’s always a way to report. And I believe all social apps encounter these types of harassments. We need to look above what this social app was good for.

I didn’t have it. But I think it was more than good and it would bring only good to writers. But as someone else stated, that would mean Episode would need to hire more staff, probably same amount as for this forum or even more. :cry:

Just don’t give up on Ivy please! :cry::cry::cry:

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I had seen some trolling/nasty messages being left on some author’s posts. And unlike Instagram you can’t block people’s profiles. Episode didn’t really do any monitoring on the comments etc. Not sad to see it go :woman_shrugging:t2:


I think that’s because they didn’t bother to develop it further. Every social app has an option to block/report, even this one would have eventually.