Saying Goodbye to the Social Feed

I know I’m way late, but I used and wrote on episode from like 2015-2018 took a break and now I’m back and I never used the forums. So I’m like reading everything. Anyways, with that being said, what the heck was social feed😂 like I get I probably didn’t have it, considering so many people saying many of us didn’t… but I wanna know what it was? Was it the fan mail thing?

It was like and " twitter and instagram" put together it looked like instagram but was message you would post and it would have your character with a speech bubble of what you posted. example


That’s lit!

There are photos on here with what it looked light and that shit’s lit.

Wow that actually sounds like something the younger audience could have benefited from. A lot of 13-15 year olds aren’t allowed social media.

But they said they didn’t ask the people who use it and most of them seemed to like it from what I’m getting? So technically, they are disfavouring the majority? So how about the people who like it…wouldn’t it be unfair to them? I have so many questions.