Saying prayers for tonight

Tonight is the big night. Tonight at 10 pm I’ll again see the news about new Episode release. What will it be this time?

Every Thursday morning when I wake up, I recheck my phone to make sure it’s really Thursday. Whole day I do no important thing, I can’t concentrate, I can’t think., I just watch the clock and smoke nervously.

What do I wish they give us?

  • royal dresses
  • sleeping gowns
  • men outfits like urgent
  • long skirts
  • smoking animation

Damn, 2 more hours to wait :weary:


I’m dying for more fantasy related outfits :tired_face:

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More fantasy Cothes! Sports! Shoes! Dresses! Profession Outfits, More accessories, more eye colors.

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Yeah something for cheerleaders would be cool :smiley:

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