Says code for overlays is not valid

can someone tell me whats going on ? i keep getting an error message that the coding for “CUT AND BRUISE” is not a valid directing command. heres the script:


i’ve tried the “@overlay OVERLAYNAME create” with other overlays and it works perfectly fine. i’ve even deleted the overlay and uploaded it again.

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I’m pretty sure you can’t have AND in the name of an overlay. I think the script reads it as characters. Try renaming the overlay. :tulip:


IT WORKED. ahh THANK YOU SO MUCH you are a literal life saver :orange_heart::orange_heart:


No problem! :wink: Happy to help :tulip:

it shall be moves to layer 12 . for it to work

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Marked as solved by thread Op. Happy to see it worked. Thanks all, closing :slight_smile: