Says there is a dialog errror

Because I can’t see the error

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does .this help?

No a screenshot of it will help maybe?

how do I make a screenshot?

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Depending on your computer, it might be the prtscr (print screen) button up somewhere near the backspace key. If that doesn’t work, hold fn then press prtscr.

(There’s no indication that a screenshot was taken successfully; you just have to try to paste it here and see if it pastes your screen correctly.)

If that still doesn’t work, search “snip” in your start menu and that’ll get you the snipping tool. :+1:

how do I use the prtscr ? will it show up in my file?

Nah, just go over to the tab with your script, click prtscr, then come over here and try to paste it in a post and see if it works. :+1:

“over the tab?”

Maybe try the snipping tool, then.


If that still doesn’t cooperate, you can just take a pic of your screen with your phone. :+1:



Hmmmmm… it might not like this bracket, if you take it out is it better?


Ohhh, it’s this, it doesn’t like to have just a background in it. You’ve gotta add a “pause for a beat” or something.

it isn’t just a background


@cut to zone 1

@overlay WAITING opacity 0.5
@overlay WAITING to layer 4
@overlay 4723358450843648_WAITING shifts to -431 -75
@overlay 4723358450843648_WAITING scales to 3.502 3.502

@zoom on 0 0 to 105% in 0

&YOU spot 0.776 -41 144

@YOU walks to spot 0.776 55 142

“Right” is just a background, though.

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