Scaling issues?

So I copy and paste the EXACT desired scaling for my characters and then I go to preview my story and the characters are so HUGE you can only see their legs??? I’ve tried re-scaling and editing the coding but nothing seems to work.

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Can I see ur code plz ?

Could it be your zoom?

Check that you don’t have a "stands screen (position) " anywhere in the setup. If you spot direct and forget to erase that, it’ll make them big.

Also, check that you haven’t double-spotted any characters. Especially with large groups, it’s easy to make the mistake.

Worth noting: there have been portal glitches/bugs that affect scaling/spotting. If you haven’t double spotted or forgotten a “stands screen left/right/center” anywhere, I’d say submit a support ticket. :slight_smile:

I had my zoom exactly how I wanted it though😕

I see what the problem is now . If u want them to walk onto screen first have them be outta camera view copy those spot directing things put it so it

&CHAR spot x y z AND CHAR faces left/right

Next drag the character to where u want them to walk to get that coordinate and paste it under the first one but it should look like

&CHAR spot x y z AND CHAR faces left/right
@CHAR walks to spot x y z AND CHAR faces left/right

I did copy and paste or maybe I’m confused about what you’re saying…I don’t know because this is my very first story but I really appreciate your help and patience

The reason they’re huge is because you have “enters from left to screen left”. (lines 279 and 281)
^^this puts your character to full size automatically.

Instead you would use:

@ or & DUSTY walks to spot 0.614 210 162 in zone 2 in 2 (made up numbers, this is an example)

If you use spot directing, you have to use the “walks to spot” code.
@/&CHARACTER walks to spot # x y in zone # in #(number of seconds you want it to take for them to get there. )

If you want to use enters from (left/right) to screen (left/right/center), you can’t use spots because the system reads those basic codes as the character is full size and ignore your spot directions.

edit* also, to help you with scene set up:

Always put these things in:
CHARACTER spot # x y in zone #
CHARACTER faces left or CHARACTER faces right
CHARACTER to layer #
CHARACTER starts animation_name_here or CHARACTER is animation_name_here

^^this way your character isn’t facing the wrong way at the scene’s open and they won’t be in a weird idle lol :slight_smile:

If you give me a bit I can try taking you step by step with what I do for coding a scene like yours

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I see…thank you very much!

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No problem. :slight_smile: I’m not the best at explaining sometimes (hence all the edits lol)

I think I’d like as much help as I can possibly get

Heres a example of what I do to give a clean walk through

I start off with just the bg which for this I’m using

Afterwards I am going to add onto my script
@CAT stands screen center in zone 1 AND CAT faces right

( You save and preview this )
After you Save and preview I go to Spot directing and then scale the character to your liking then IF I want the character to end up in zone 1 I drag the char where I want them and save those coorditnates for me it’s @CAT spot 1.280 181 0 in zone 1 (YOURS might be different ) I save those coordinantes and drag the char offscreen for since shes facing right I’m gonna drag her off left so she wont be seen ( when you do this make sure you drag her off slowly and just to keep it stright off )

Get that coordinate for me it’s @CAT spot 1.280 -99 -10 in zone 1

Your then going to delete the @CAT stands screens center in zone 1 AND CAT faces right

And put &CAT spot 1.280 -99 -10 in zone 1 So it then looks like

&CAT spot 1.280 -99 -10 in zone 1 AND CAT faces right

Next step is to then get the other corrditnate you saved that is WHERE you WANT you char to STOP for me it is @CAT spot 1.280 181 0 in zone 1 and I’m going to add that in but change a few things so it’s @CAT walks to spot 1.280 181 0 in zone 1

so that will then look like

&CAT spot 1.280 -99 -10 in zone 1 AND CAT faces right
@CAT walks to spot 1.280 181 0 in zone 1 AND CAT faces right

Remember I just used my character CAT as a example character , please do this with yours and your own coorditnates I just chose random ones . If you need more help I can try to help some more

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