SCANDALOUS - a murder mystery


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In-app summary: Secrets. Stalkers. Murder. Ivy league colleges are scandalous places.

Scandalous is a murder mystery following college senior Catalina Cruz after the murder of her best friend Alexa. The investigation into Alexa’s death opens several doors into startling secrets that make Catalina question who she thought her best friend was. And when it looks like the killer is someone close to her and may strike again, can Catalina and her friends figure out who it is before one of them is next?

Choices matter in this story! Your choices will determine the information Catalina gets in her own investigation, as well as how much she helps the police. At the end, the points you’ve gained through certain choices will determine if Catalina finds the killer in time, and if she stops them before someone else dies.

This story also helps to make Episode a more diverse platform, with Latina, Afro-Latina, East Asian, African-American and LGBT+ main characters.

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Any feedback is appreciated! Be as honest as you like!

I hope you enjoy!


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