Scared of being judged


Okay everyone on here that still goes to school, wether it it be elementary, junior high, or high school…you know people are judgmental as hell. (are you aloud to swear here? lol. screw it.) Now I’m already a misfit mind you, and sometimes I’m scared people will judge me for writing stories on Episode because it’s “uncool” or Episode is “a little kid’s game” which is 1000% not tru, but i’ve never told anyone I write stories because I’m scared. I’m not ASHAMED I write stories, I love writing them! ig I’m just wondering if anyone feels the same way? or has struggled with this?


hey !
If you love what are you doing you have to stop listening to others because they want you to not be good
you have to be proud of your stories , i bet that they are playing “kid’s game” and ashamed to say
Hanna you have to be strong face and tell them that you are an episode writer !
so fighting :hugs:


Thank you so much love! You are so right!


if you need something please message me !


Well, I don’t need anything at the moment but I would love to talk more and become friends!


Don’t be ashamed. I’m not. I tell people that I code, they’re amazed.


I envy you for that! Ig if I tell them I “Code” instead of saying “I write stories on Episode” that would probably sound a lot cooler :joy:


Oh, I throw in Episode as a part of the package! Well, I try to.


Well sis (if I can call you that) I don’t tell others in school about this. It’s my decision and they don’t have to know.
I agree I feel judged too.


That’s true.


I wish I had your confidence, I think it’s cool you have no problem telling people. I’m gonna just have to overcome my fear.


You can always tell the friends that you trust :slight_smile:


Yas finally someone that gets it. I’m really shy and I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the point of telling people. (HAHA I call everyone sis)




Me. Confident? :joy::joy::joy:

I’m sorry. That’s a joke! I’m not confident at all! I am passionate, though.


I see. :joy: :joy:


I’m an adult who hasn’t been in school for almost a decade but please trust me when I say no one is thinking about you the way you’re thinking about you, most people at that age are way too hyper focused on themselves and insecure to think about something someone else is doing, yeah you get your ass-holes who criticize and make fun of others to deflect from their own insecurities but ultimately no one really cares.


But really, I think that you should tell someone that you trust very well. Make sure that they don’t share with anyone else.


Haha I am kind of two minds about it - I do not really tell that many people but I have a few close friends who know I write.

Do not feel afraid of judgement as inevitably any kind of creative pursuits you take will lead to judgement of some form. You clearly enjoy writing and if somebody happens to ask you can loosely tell them what it is you do. When you think about it, you’re pretty badass - you know how to code AND write well!

If you want to, you can just say I am an author. I consider (oh okay this is a very loose term but let us roll with okay) - an interactive wattpad :joy::joy:

Personally, as I put quite private aspects of my mindset into my writing it feels kinda trippy sharing it with friends who are unfamiliar with Episode. It is totally fine to keep your private life and writing life separate if that is what you please!


That was perfectly worded and I now love you. :joy: I needed to hear this, it made me feel a lot better!