Scared of being judged

Thank you! And us writers are pretty bad ass!! :heart:


I may be alone with this but I don’t tell anyone for the anonymity factor (as well as other reasons). I use a pen name too, not my real name. I like to keep my real life and episode life separate so only my boyfriend and 1 or 2 others know Im an author :slight_smile: I’m also well passed school age so I can’t comment much on that (24).

Remember that what others think of you now isn’t set in stone and doesn’t decide your future. As you get older you learn not to care so much about judgements and embrace your ‘quirks’ so to speak. If you want to tell people, go for it. You might even get the surprise that some of the people you tell read Episode!


Your totally not alone! I think I’m going to remain anonymous as well, because I feel like that’s what I’m going to be more comfortable with in the long run! :hugs:

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Hey, I feel the exact same way, it’s kinda sad when i lie about what I did on the weekends because I was working non stop on a chapter. Its ok to feel like this. But we all should embrace it. And to hell if they judge! We ARE cool

Rather than thinking of the app as childish, I think the people around me think it’s just romance and cringe because of the ads they see from other apps. I don’t like telling anyone because I feel like they’d judge without knowing what Episode is really about.
The only person who actually knows is my sister, and even then, I don’t tell her much.

When others ask me, ‘what do you do for fun?’, my answer is youtube and browsing the web but little do they know that I’m actually doing Episode art, forums, reviews and so on.

I did tell one person that I do art requests but I never told them what kind. They once asked me if I could show them but I had to lie and say it was all on my laptop at home.

I don’t like lying so I generally just say something VERY vague. It’s kinda stupid, I know, because we’re all pretty cool hehe but yeah :relaxed:

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A little kid’s game! I’m 21 and I’m writing there’s nothing to be ashamed about :heart::heart:

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