Scared to publish my story

I’ve had this concept in my mind for ages and I’m dying to publish it, but I’m scared it won’t get many reads even though I put much effort in it. I just delay it and delay it and I wanted to ask if other beginning writers also feel like that sometimes? :frowning:


Yes. We all get anxiety whenever it includes something like that.

I had the same feeling I almost didnt publish mine but I did now I got 80 views not much but to me it is

You won’t get many reads when you first publish it, I published my story about two weeks ago and I’ve only got 40 views or something. You just need to keep updating, promoting your story and asking for reviews to help you get better!


Do it.
You’ll probably feel good after just because you did it. Even if you don’t get a lot of reads, it doesn’t matter because it’s about how you feel about what you made. I’ve written a story and still in the middle of writing and I don’t have many reads, but I’m still writing because I care about what I’m creating

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That might happen. And I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t feel great when you work hard on a story and your effort doesn’t get recognized. But it beats sitting around thinking you should’ve just gone for it. Besides, it’s completely normal for a story to grow slowly. But it’s always exciting. I remember how giddy I was when I had 5 views. Each new view meant so much to me.

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Don’t be scared, babe! Publish it and do it for YOU! Someone will read it, I promise you.

If you publish just for reads, I think you’ll set yourself up for disappointment, but if you publish your story because it’s something you love and it’s for you and you just need to get it out there - I think you’ll be much happier. Best of luck xo

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I’m definitely nervous about publishing my story, too! I’m nervous of how it will be received and I’m nervous that people will think it’s a total cliché and very common, but even if that’s the case, neither you nor I should be scared of it. If we publish something that we’re proud of and that we’re satisfied with then everything will be just fine! x