Scars, birthmarks & moles

Basically the above. I’ve got a large birthmark on my forehead that has meant the question did you bruise you head? Has followed me around my entire life.

Does anyone have any funny stories how they got a scar? Anyone have any birthmarks or moles?


I have a cross on my cheek,
my parents say in kindergarten a girl accidentally scratched my cheek :upside_down_face:


I have scratches on the back of my neck from my lovely Mouse (my cat)


I have scars. Like I have one on my head from my mom accidentally throwing a wooden mixer at me.

I have this weird mark on my breast. Might be from a traumatic event but I’m not sure.

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How do you accidentally throw a wooden mixer at someone? If you don’t mind me asking.

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She meant to throw it elsewhere (near me to scare me I guess), but it ended up hitting my head and I started bleeding.

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Yay story time! I hope everyone loves my story lmao minez pretty long, but I wanted to share it with ya’ll :laughing: :heart:

Oml the most embarrassing day of my life is when I got a scar down my shin. When I first got it I was going to a family reunion to meet up at a park and well my sister had to go to the bathroom I had to take her. So, I asked my dad where the bathroom was and he point to a huge ass hill with the bathroom on top of the hill. My only reaction was holy shit and I told my dad can you take her it looks to steep to walk up to and my dad goes no take your sister and I was okay fine. So, I took my sisters hand and looked up the hill and gulped I was already figuring out how I was gonna climb that shit. We started walking up the hill and my foot almost got stuck between a thorn bush and a vine that was stuck to the ground. I had already helped my sister to the top so she wouldn’t fall and I got my foot unstuck already. She ran to the bathroom and I waited by the outside door and I looked down the hill and I was scared to be honest. My sister was finally done and we started carefully walking down the hill. I was watching where I was walking and then my sister screamed in my ear and I wasn’t paying attention. My foot got stuck again! and I let my sister’s hand go so she wouldn’t fall with me. I literally rolled down the big ass hill! and landed on my side where people walked past me. Ya know I wasn’t crying I mean yeah it fucken hurt, but I was mostly embarrassed by my family laughing at me. I had walked towards the reunion and my knee and shin was covered in blood and dirt. And it’s been 4 years and my scar is still their I’m pretty sure it ain’t going anywhere lol. That was my embarrassing story about my scar. :joy::crazy_face:


I have a scar under my nose
Created when i fell down from a tree


OMG i have a story (its a long one wow)
So about a week ago i wanted to wax my mustache. and i bought wax for my face. so i waxed it and they give u a "finishing wipe: to wipe your face at the end of every wax session. so i wiped my mustache area and everything was fine…UNTIL later in the night i thought to myself “hmm… i still have some hair so ill wax again” so i did it and this time i didnt use the finishing wipe because i did it only one time and i didnt think it was a big deal…so i looked at the mirror and i saw a red area where i waxed. i thought to myself “oh thats what happens when you wax” and i was right… so i went to sleep and the next morning i woke up with the BIGGEST red scar on my cheek/mustache area… (where i didnt use the wipe) i was freaking out… but i had to go SChooL so i went…i thought putting a bandage over it will be fine and people wont notice (why tf did i think that?) oh and let me tell you… PEOPLE NOTICED. people asked about it…So i took the bandage off… people laughed at me…It took a week to heal…and now a week later i still have the scar but it looks like a birthmark and its not that red… but i think it will stay on my face forever… so what did we learn… IF THEY GIVE YOU A WIPE USE IT.:pray:

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I have too many. :joy:

I have SO MANY scar from my cat. Wouldn't change her for the world, though.



I work, part-time, in a restaurant. Recently I burnt myself a few times. :sob:

Finally, saving my younger sister from some falling glass, I scared my arm. :pensive: Wouldn’t change a thing though.


I have a long and thick scar from an arm operation down my wrist. It really looks like I tried to cut myself. I always need to explain it if someone asks me about the damn thing :see_no_evil:

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I have scars from my cat too (ur cat is beutiful btw) :doughnut:


Thank you :heart:


I have a birthmark on my lip and people are always telling me that I have something on it. :joy:

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I have a mole on my right eye.


So hehehehheheh funny story.

When I was little I really wanted to eat an apple and I asked my granma to cut it for me, but she couldn’t at the moment…
So I decided that it was an amazing idea to cut it myself I mean I was grown ass 8 year old woman.
And when I tried to cut it,… I cut myself and I bleed for 10 minutes… I still have a scar lmao.

And another story.
I ran into the glass door with my hands cuz… Idk.
And I got glass stuck in my hands and I still have a scar from that one.

But yeee I have a mole under my right Eyebrow, I used to hate it but now I love it.



I have too many beauty spots all over my body but I have a few birth marks on my elbow, belly and legs.

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I have a birthmark on my chest. It’s going away though.

Scars, them too. Mostly on my stomach and hand, from the bandages as a baby, in the hospital. I also have self-harm scars on my right arm as well.

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I have a scar on my leg. I ended up having glass shatter above me and when I looked at my legs, there was blood coming out of my right one. It’s been there since I was a child. It happened because people were playing inside the house and ended up hitting the light, which broke.

I have another scar from a burn. Ouch.


I have a burn mark on my arm that I’ve had since I was a baby. It’s slightly faded but I don’t think that it will ever fully go away which I don’t mind. I recently woke up to a very small mole on my face which I absolutely want gone lol