Scars yes indeed

Hello! :grin: Does anyone have scars that look realistic? Maybe drawn if you can
I don’t want anything that look alike from this


It just look unrealistic

Example of what I want ~

A scar for like an eye if you can draw it like this that maybe the scars can match the skin tone Light (in ink) and Honey,Caramel as well
and for Limelight Neutral 02 I want the scar to at least match the skin tones

And blood stains but for the lips exactly and his side cheek as well
I hope someone can draw these for me and if you can dm them to me! If you do I’ll credit you with you’ forum name or insta name if you have one!

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can anyone help?

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What’s the problem?

there isn’t one

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Alright :woman_shrugging:t2:

@nick please close this nobody helped :)) thankyou!

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Excuse me? I literally gave you a link where you could find an artist to help you out with the scars.

Closed by OP request. :slight_smile: