Scene construction help!

Can someone help me with a scene I’m working on? I’ve been working on it for days and Idk I can’t get it the way I want to. Taking so much time so I need help. I’m trying to like have this person walk like while people are staring at that person in shock. Like my scene is in a garage with cars and then this mysterious person walks in and everyone is suppose to be shocked and stuff about that person while they walk through that scene. Can someone help?

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Maybe like this:
@CHARACTER1 is animation AND CHARACTER2 is animation AND CHARACTER3 is walk_neutral

So you would have all your characters doing different ‘shocked’ animations while the other is walking through. To do this-
&CHAR is animation AND CHAR1 is animation AND CHAR2 is animation
&MYSTERY PERSON walks to position in zone # in S
&pan to zone #

For a better effect, replace AND with THEN so the background characters will do the animation one after the other as the mystery person is walking through. I’m just assuming the background has more than one zone and you plan on making them walk through from zone 1-3 or whatever. Let me know if you need more help :blush:

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It’s still not working out of me. I really need help. Can I send you the scene? And how do I do it without them seeing the persons head too?

Like I have zooming on it too, but like ugh it’s frustrating? Lemme send you the scene

INT. GARAGE - NIGHT with CAR5 to 0.668 -30 112 in zone 1 at layer 1 with CAR3 to 1.487 -77 45 in zone 1 at layer 0 with BLUE CAR to 0.962 -50 124 in zone 2 at layer 1 with CAR2 to 1.711 -77 33 in zone 2 at layer 3 with CAR1 to 1.850 -84 10 in zone 3 at layer 1 with CAR7 to 1.240 -13 114 in zone 3 at layer 0
#@zoom on 369 56 to 154% in 0 - zone 2, tyler
#@zoom on 624 81 to 154% in 0 - zone 2, Kai
@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 369 56 to 154% in 0
#RONNIE spot 1.047 50 30 - standing up
@REI spot 0.616 185 253 in zone 1 AND RONNIE spot 0.613 116 257 in zone 1 AND RONNIE faces right AND RONNIE moves to layer 2 AND REI moves to layer 2 AND REI faces right AND RONNIE is arms_crossed AND KAI spot 0.644 250 234 in zone 2 AND KAI faces right AND TYLER spot 0.864 70 119 in zone 2 AND TYLER faces right AND FAN spot 0.766 142 142 in zone 2 AND FAN faces left AND FAN2 spot 0.779 170 134 in zone 2 AND FAN2 faces left AND KAI moves to layer 4 AND TYLER moves to layer 5 AND FAN moves to layer 5 AND FAN2 moves to layer 6 AND RACER spot 0.729 98 160 in zone 3 AND RACER faces right AND RACER is idle_smoking AND RACER moves to layer 4 AND KAI is idle_smoking AND REI is arms_crossed_angry AND TYLER is talk_flex AND FAN is flirt_shy AND FAN2 is film_phone
@pause for 2
@cut to zone 1
@zoom on 152 196 to 184% in 0

    REI (talk_doubtful)
Look at him breathing and shit. Trying to flex all over those girls.

    REI (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
God I just want to rub my success in front of him.

@REI faces left

    REI (talk_doubtful)
Can you believe him?

    RONNIE (talk_shrug)
Not really worried.

    REI (talk_neutral_deny)
I'm not either. I'm just saying.

@REI faces right

    REI (talk_doubtful)
His ego is so far up his ass.

    RONNIE (talk_neutral)
It won't be when he shows up.

@REI faces left

    REI (talk_think)
Until who shows up?

    RONNIE (talk_shrug)
The Raven.

    RONNIE (talk_arms_crossed)
What? He's beaten Tyler like 6 times or ever since he entered the race.

    RONNIE (talk_neutral)
He's mostly come in 2nd or 3rd but never beating Raven.

@REI faces left

    REI (talk_shrug)
Race is about to start soon, I'm not sure if he's even coming or not.

    RONNIE (talk_read_phone_neutral_loop)
I'll text Ace to see if he sees him out there anywhere.

&RONNIE is read_phone_neutral
@REI is nod_loop
@pause for 2

    REI (talk_think)
You think Ari is taking it lightly?

    RONNIE (talk_read_phone_neutral_loop)
Taking what lightly?

    REI (talk_arms_crossed)
With her dad being gone.

    REI (talk_exhausted)
I knew he had to be on sniper again, but I hate seeing Ariana sad when he comes home late.

    REI (talk_shrug)
I mean she's all he has.

    RONNIE (talk_arms_crossed)
She's strong. She'll manage.

sound door_slam_metal

@REI faces left AND REI is talk_neutral_deny AND RONNIE faces left AND RONNIE is talk_startled AND ARIANA spot 0.756 -100 168 in zone 1 AND ARIANA moves to layer 8
@pause for 2
&zoom on 152 196 to 102% in 0
&REI is talk_neutral_deny then RONNIE is cough then TYLER faces left AND TYLER is talk_neutral_deny then FAN is talk_startled then FAN2 is startled_surprised then RACER is talk_neutral_deny
&ARIANA walks to spot 0.756 146 168 in zone 3 in 7 AND ARIANA moves to layer 8
&pan to zone 3 in 7

The bottom part is when she walks in but yk. Just like. Help.

Just looking at it looks good to me! But maybe just zoom on Ariana’s torso, then you will need to let the &pan play out for the seven seconds, once that’s done, use the zoom tool again to zoom onto Arianas torso in zone 3 then put that in your script so the camera will follow her
&zoom on x y to % in 7
&pan to zone 3 in 7
You might want to re spot the background characters so you can see their faces/reactions. Or even re spot Ariana. But tbh even just seeing a part of their body doing an animation, majority of readers will know :see_no_evil: I hope that all makes sense I’m over tired :joy:

Yk what I’m just this close to deleting the scene altogether

I can’t do respot the characters or the cars I have because they need to be small because if they are big in the scene, then they will invade the other zones so i need it needs to be zoomed, but it’s not working

And so the scene and everyone has to be small but I can’t create the no face thing if everyone has to look small

You can if you zoom closer to her :woman_shrugging:t2: Or zoom to her feet?