Scene Help Needed ASP (LL) hiding gender of my villian

how do i hide the gender of my villian?

There are a few different ways you could go with this but the best way. I suggest giving a male a female body type then using this mask which covers their whole face.

The mask

Hood cotton black

Then I think you should use some of the gender-neutral clothing to maybe hide the identity a little more. Here are some I found.

The clothes

Baggy hoodie and shirt cotton black
Training shorts male polyester grey black

The only other thing you can do is probably size your character down to be an average height to hide it a little more but other than that it’s pretty easy to see if your villain is a male or female but that’s what I could come up with.


Another thing you can do is maybe switch a body type. For example, if the villain is a female, choose a male body type. I know it won’t be the most helpful so apologies :sweat_smile:
And make sure to make the skin color Silhouette, so the reader won’t be able to guess who it is based on the skin color, because there isn’t a way to cover a character’s hands (i.e. gloves).

Hmm…interesting …well I would go for the hood or any other mask and use zoom so the reader will see close up of the head may be in rear animations too or zoom just on walking feet so he will not be able to recognize the body type you use While of course using some gender-neutral clothes