Scene Help Needed ASP (LL) Soulmates <3

im trying to get my characters Lucas & Arianna to sit where the basket

i cant do layers at all

Try do to @NAME moves to layer1 for example

First you need to spot direct your characters. You can start by using generalised positioning such as:

&CHAR1 stands screen center AND CHAR1 faces right AND CHAR1 is (sit animation you want to use here)
@CHAR2 stands screen center AND CHAR2 faces right AND CHAR2 is (sit animation you want to use here)

Make sure this is in the correct zone, in this instance zone 1. So you may want to add after “screen center”… “in zone 1”.

Once you have your generalised position, you can now use the portal to properly scale your characters where you want them to go, and as you already have the sit animation, you can place them exactly without the position changing if you apply the sit animation AFTER (if that makes any sense)

Then if you want to layer them properly, you would use:

&CHAR1 moves to layer 1
@CHAR2 moves to layer 2

This code will then make it so Character 2 appears IN FRONT of Character 1, 0 is the furthest layer back, and as numbers increase, that layer moves forward e.g. if you had 10 layers, to move something behind that layer you would then write layer 9, or to move something front of that layer it would be layer 11.

I hope this helps!

layers are realy simple:

but if you want them be behind the basket you will need firt the overlay of the basket

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