Scene ideas to my story?

I have no idea if this is in the right place, but without Any furter ado let’s get To my problem.

So I have been stuck for like months now.

Here’s some basic info.
The story is about Assassins. In this chapter at the beginning it has 2 routes based on the readers choice on the last chapter. The first route is the MC going to do an assassin Job with his trainer, and the other route is going on a date with a girl from a dating app.

I need ideas to what should happen after the Job is finished and after the date is over. I want the story to continue going on as normal, one route. And maybe some ideas as to what happen at the date, they go to the movies and go get some food after they finish the movie. But that’s way too short to end it there compared to the Job route.

So Any ideas as to what I could do?
Thanks is advance! :heartpulse::heartpulse:

Also another thing, at the Job scene there Will be a character introduced but not on the date route. He’s gonna play some part in the story So I’m thinking what would be a good way to introduced the character to the readers Who choose the date route and didn’t have the chance to meet the character.

1st route

she could get texts from that girl who she wanted to date
im kinda stump cause i dont know whats truly happening

2nd route

maybe for the 2nd route they could go to dinner and play the “get to know you game”
like simple things like favorite things or foods
or have the last question be somethings that she wants to hide “like her past”’

maybe have the character pass by and bump them
or right behind them when they are at the restaurant
maybe have him be that jerk who always take up two parking spots or cut you off… IDK lol

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