Scene on tv screen! help!


I have seen so many people that are not featured who have a scene on a tv to make it seem as if the characters are watching tv. I looked everywhere but no one explains how to do it. How can I?


They are using an overlay of a TV over the chosen background and placing the people on TV behind the overlay.

Episode does not have a TV overlay, but several people on Instagram, like smg.episode, have TV overlays.


Thanks, that’s weird. The characters are usually watching tv and on the tv the characters are talking which is odd, because I don’t see how you can have two scenes at once.


Hi! I have an overlay shop open that provides customized pieces. If you’re interested here’s the link:


I used to have this issue I was trying to find an overlay like it and how I found the way from @Alexa_episode she made a TV Stand Overlay where you can install it in your Overlay section and how to use it I will tell you how and I will show you the picture but if you use it in your story you have to GIVE HER A CREDIT! her instagram is Alexa.episode Im not sure if its . or _ but she uploads lots of tips and backgrounds…in her drive and profile…

So this is the overlay that you need to upload it on your Overlay section and wait until its approved then in the script you have to use a background and then add this overlay with it let me show you how?
EXT. ABBEY GARDEN - DAY with “The name of the TV overlay”(I’ll call mine TV STAND)
“Add a character”
And there you have it but of course you gotta change the size of it or the spot of the character But you know I gave you the base


I’ve been looking for an actual tutorial for this for so long. I finally fount it thank you so much for sharing this.:weary::woman_facepalming:t5::heart:


You’re welcome


Thanks so much for this!