Could someone help me to resize this picture so itll like fit episodes background requrements

Thank youuu
Should I credit you?

No, the background doesn’t belong to me.

This is a choices background which means its copyrighted and cant be used on episode

I saw it on pinterest

Using backgrounds from Pinterest (or the Google main page) is unsafe. You can refer to public domain websites like Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, etc., without worrying about copyright.

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Thank you
Ill check them out now

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Hey! :sparkles:

You can use websites for cropping photos.
Here is some.

Simple Image Resizer, resize online images without losing quality

– Although, this background you are using is from the game choices, this means it’s copyrighted and unable to use on episode for this reason.
– Pinterest and Google also go by this rule, they are also copyrighted. You can start by checking out other authors/editors background threads and google drives.
– Otherwise, you can use these websites without needing to worry about copyright:

Background Websites
Public Domain Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images
31 Free Public Domain Image Websites

I hope this helped, if there is anything else I can do let me know!! :butterfly:

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Thank you very much
I actually didnt know

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Adding to the background website lists and to let you know that I made a drive that contains overlays cut out from the backgrounds in the portal --all those unusable backgrounds that have furniture in the way where characters would stand etc. – It’s a pretty extensive drive but if you see a background that needs overlays, I’ll happily do it and add them to the drive for everyone’s use. I also don’t require credit for use of them. Episode Overlays, Free Use

but, on to websites: is a good place to find free and premium (paid for) backgrounds. There’s a daily download limit ( I think it’s 10 images per day for free accounts and unlimited for the premium subscription. is also good, just be sure to read the written stuff below the images to see if the creator requires credits and how they want that done. :slight_smile:
Also, a tip, if you do use images from the threads here, Save them like this " INT. CAFE - DAY @ colecatalyst " <<< this will keep you from forgetting who made what as lists and saved files can get misplaced or accidentally deleted etc. :slight_smile:
Threads to check out:
💗 Marysol.Episode's Background Thread 💗
🌷 FlowerGriefer's Backgrounds 🌷
**OFFICIAL** Overlay Sharing Thread
Official Background Sharing Thread

^^^be sure to read through the comments too because sometimes artists forget to add their credit info to posts but will comment how to credit them when someone asks. :slight_smile: Also, do not share any art without expressed permission from the creator – doing so is a good way to lose access, which no one wants. :slight_smile:
Good luck, hon. :slight_smile:

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