Scene Sequence Help!

Weeks Later…
Joy: Well, if it isn’t the transgender.
Jamie: Leave me alone.
Penny: Why should we?
Anna: (Jamie…)
Anna runs up
Anna: Because if you don’t you’ll have to answer to me!
Anna: Now leave my cousin alone or else!
Penny: Whatever
Penny: Bye transy.
Anna: That’s it!
Anna pins Penny up against a locker
Anna: You’re to call my cousin by her name!
Anna: Understand?!
Penny: I’m going to report you!
Anna: And who’s going to believe you?
Penny: …
Penny: Fine! I understand!
Anna lets go and Penny runs away
Anna: Are you okay?
Jamie: I’m fine.
Jamie: Thank you, Ann.
Anna: I’m glad you’re okay.
Jamie smiles
Anna: If those girls ever give you problems again, just come to me. Okay?
Jamie: Okay.
Anna: We better get to class,
Jamie: Okay.
Later That Day
Anna: Eli, you’re sister is out of control!
Eli: What are you talking about?
Anna: She was picking on Jamie!
Eli: What?
Eli: That can’t be true!
I caught her red-handed!
Eli: This can’t be true.
*Anna looks away from Eli and tears up
Anna: Wow…
Anna: I have to go.
Eli: Anna wait…
Anna faces Eli
Eli: I’m sorry.
Eli: I just can’t believe she could do something like that.
Anna: Well she did!
Anna: And if you don’t believe me, ask Jamie!
Eli starts crying
Eli: (How could she?)
Anna: Eli?!
Eli: What has she become?!
Anna: I don’t know…
Anna: Penny was doing it too. I’m so disappointed in them.
Eli: I’m sorry, Anna.
Anna: For what?
Anna: You’re not the one who picked on my cousin.
Eli: I know.
Anna: Then what are you sorry for?
Eli: Joy’s behavior.
A Few Days Later…
Anna walks into school
Jamie: Why can’t you just leave me alone!?
Joy: Because…
Anna: clears her throat
Anna: What did I tell you about picking on my cousin, Joy?!
Joy laughs
Joy: I won’t take orders form a person like you.
Anna: slaps Joy
Anna: This is my last warning, Joy.
Anna: Leave Jamie alone!
Joy: Anna…
Joy: I’m telling Eli!
Joy: Whatever!
Joy leaves
Anna: I’m so sorry about her, Jae.
Jamie: It’s fine.
Eli comes up
Eli: Anna!
Anna: Yes E?
Eli: You slapped Joy!?
Eli: How could you!
Anna: She was making fun of Jamie!
Anna: Again!
Eli: Oh…
Eli: I’m sorry, Anna.
Eli: But don’t hit her again.
Eli: No matter what, she’s still my sister.
Anna: What did you expect me to do?
Anna: Just stand by while my cousin got picked on!?
Eli: Of course not!
Eli: Just don’t hit her.
Anna: Eli…
Anna: If you can’t respect my decision to protect my loved ones, then maybe we’re not meant to be.
Eli: Well I’m trying to protect my sister!
Anna: Sigh
Anna: Let’s go, Jae.
Eli: Anna, wait.
Anna: What?!
Eli: What happened?
Anna: I walked into school and caught Joy picking on Jamie.
Anna: So I reminded her of my previous warning.
Anna: But she laughed and said she doesn’t take orders from people like me.
Anna: Look Eli…
Anna: It’s one thing to let your sister get away with picking on me.
Anna: But my family is a different story.
Eli: I’m sorry, Anna.
Eli: I’ll talk to her.
Eli: Just never hit her again.
Anna: Have you even considered…
Anna: The possibility Joy’s only picking on Jamie because she’s related to me!?
Eli: Shes still my sister
Eli: I will talk to her, Anna.
(In this scene when we edit it one thing Anna should say is along the lines of Eli once told her she needs to learn to defend herself and her loved ones)
Anna: It’s not going to do any good.
Anna: And once you realize that, you know where to find me.
Anna and Jamie leave
Later that day
Eli: Joy.
Joy: Yes?
Eli: Why have you been picking on Jamie!?
Joy: Um…
Eli: Answer me!
Joy: Just leave me alone.
Eli: It’s because she’s related to Anna.
Eli: Isn’t it!?
Joy: Go away!
Eli: You’re trying to cost me my relationship!
Eli: I hate you.
Joy starts crying
Joy: I hate you too!
Eli: Now if you’ll excuse me…
Eli leaves to her room and calls Anna
Eli:(come on! Pick up…)
Eli: (Of course…)
Eli: (Why would she?)
Eli: (I’ll have to talk to her in person!)
Eli leaves
Eli arrives at Anna’s house as Anna and Jamie are leaving
Eli: Ann…
Anna: Hello, Eli.
Eli: I need to talk to you.
Anna: scoffs
Anna: About what?
Eli: Joy.
Anna: Jamie, wait for me in the car.
Anna: I won’t be long.
Jamie: Okay.
Jamie goes
Anna: So…
Eli: I’m sorry.
Eli: Joy’s trying to ruin our relationship again.
Anna: I know.
Anna: Now if you’ll excuse me…
Anna: I have an outing to go to.
Eli: Anna, please…
Anna: What?
Eli: I’m sorry.
Anna: I forgive you.
Anna: Now I really have to go.
Eli: Okay.
Anna leaves
The Mall
Anna: So, where do you wanna go first?
Jamie: Take me to your favorite store.
Anna: Okay then.
They go
Jamie: Whoa…
Anna: Awesome, right?
Jamie: Very!
Anna: Come on, let’s look around.
Jamie: Okay!
Two Hours Later
Anna: Are you ready to go?
Jamie: Yeah.
They go
At Anna’s
Anna: Today was great, Jamie.
Anna: It was.
Anna: I’m glad you’re back here.
Jamie: Me too.
Jamie: Love you too, cousin.
Anna: Love you to, Jae.
A Few Days Later…
Joy is alone in the halls
Anna walks up
Anna: Well, well, well. If it isn’t Joy.
Joy: Leave me alone!
Anna: Oh, I don’t think so, loser!
Anna gets closer to Joy
Joy: Get away from me!
Anna: I don’t think so.
Anna: You tried to make my life a living hell and bullied my cousin.
Anna: It’s time for you to get a taste of your own medicine!
Joy:let me go!
Winter walks by
Winter:what’s going on!
Anna: So, if it isn’t the minion who helped Joy bully my cousin!
Winter: Anna, you better back up!
Winter: I didn’t bully anyone.
Anna: But you didn’t do anything to stop her. Did you!?
Winter:I didn’t know.
Winter: now calm down.
Winter walks away
Anna: You’re pathetic Joy!
Eli walks up
Eli:what going on!
Joy: Your girlfriend is bullying me!
Joy: Really Anna?!
Anna: She’s tried to ruin our relationship 3 times!
Anna: She bullied Jamie!
Anna: In fact…
Anna: The only time I feel like myself anymore is when I’m hanging out with Jamie!
Eli: wow, Anna .
Eli: That hurts!
Eli: Come here, Joy.
Eli: telling mom what you’ve done!
Joy: Why?!
Eli: You’ve turned turned my girlfriend into a cold-hearted bully!
Anna: C-Cold hearted?
Eli: (Oh no!)
Eli: Anna I-
Anna: Forget it…
Eli: You know what, Anna…
Eli: I’m the one that should be hurt.
Eli: I can’t believe you don’t feel yourself around me.
Eli: Let’s go, Joy.
Anna: You just called me cold-hearted!
Anna: How do you expect me to feel!?
Eli: because you are turning that way
Eli: your not the anna I feel in love with
(After Eli says that, Anna should feel a tug in her heart and literally feel it shatter.
Eli: now your just like sam use to be
Anna: (She… doesn’t love me anymore.)
Anna: I have to go!
Anna runs away in tears as Jamie walks by
Eli sad
Eli walks away with joy

Please help!