Scene transitions

Hi! I am writing my story and it seems I have a problem when transitioning from one scene to an other. The scene just pops up and then the transition happens. I tried fixing it in every possible way I could think of. I have the transition command after the background and the character placement. In all the tutorials I’ve seen this is how everyone does it and it just doesn’t work for me. I would appreciate if someone could help me.

All character placement commands need to use the & sign not the @ sign and must be placed before the tranisiton command.

&CHAR1 [spot] and CHAR1 faces [direction] and CHAR1 is [animation]
&CHAR2 [spot] and CHAR2 faces [direction] and CHAR2 is [animation]
&CHAR3 [spot] and CHAR3 faces [direction] and CHAR3 is [animation]
@transition fade in

Thank you so much :heart: