School Background Crowd Template (HELP PLS)



I am currently making a story, but I do not know how to place bacground characters and things like that. One the backgrounds is the classroom with desks (INT. CLASSROOM FRONT - DAY) which I need students and other background characters I made sitting in, and the other is a school hallway which I need students and other background characters I made walking and talking in.(INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY). If someone can make a template for me I will make sure to shout you out in my story! I will greatly appreciate it!! If you need more details of what I want ask me.THANKS!


You have to spot direct to get your characters where you want them in the background. If you want them to look like they’re actually sitting behind the desk, you’ll need an overlay.


Don’t forget about layering your background characters with any overlay you use.


yeah thats what i want, the characters to be sitting behind the desk. So I’m going to try to do the overylays and spot directing but this is my first time doing it so its all really confusing to me.


it’s trial and error. check out the threads/tutorials by Dara and watch the youtube tutorials by joseoh evans. i can try to help you too if you want. im new too and just about to finish my 3rd episode but ive done SO MUCH spot directing its insane.

but ive learned A LOT. lol if you want me to help you, you can message me on IG venni.episode. ill show you screen shots of the scenes ive done.


ok thx