School background help



does anyone know where i can find the background where it has a lab desk and lab materials? ive seen it in so many stories but i cant seem to find it anywhere… please help!!


can someone help ASAP??




Hey I was the member of @Episode-Diamonds that made your background, we would be happy to help you again! :grin:


PLEASE!! I need a background where two characters can be standing or sitting behind a lab desk-- do you know what i mean?


please help!! i’m dying to finish this last episode and i need a background with lab desks-- i need it where the two characters can be behind it-- is that possible?


I can make you an overlay for it?


If you send me the background I can make you the desk overlay.


yes please omg!!


Yes I can do this!


Give me 10 minutes!


thank you so much!!

Overlay Request


Don‘t Worry about credit :wink:


thank you so much Madison!! and ofc im gonna give you credit, how could i not? thank you!!


Haha thanks, what is your story, I would love to check it out!


It’s called “The Want”- Im on my third episode so I haven’t been able to publish it yet but I will very soon so when I do please check it out!!


Ok will do! And remember if you ever need help, @Episode-Diamonds and I would love to help you!


thank you so much!!


Lol the overlay was in the art catalog (Overylay) in episode it is named LAB COUNTER lol


Lol never mind u meant the second to last one my bad