SCHOOL BACKGROUND: Need blue to be changed to a neutral colour!

Hey Everyone,
I need some background makers!
For the school my characters are gonna go to the main colour is going to be brown. I have made the uniforms, but I need some backgrounds.

For the outside of the school, I’m going to use EXT. ST ANDREWS HIGH SCHOOL - DAY

For the inside of the school, I am going to use INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY LOCKERS - DAY and INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY. But the only problem is the colours don’t match the uniform. So If theres any background makers out there, could you please change the blue in those two backgrounds to a neutral colour, like black or brown, for me? I will put credits in if you want.

Also, if it helps, heres the uniform:




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I’m not sure if these colors specifically was what you had in mind, but I tried lol



Thats perfect thanks. What do I credit you with?

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those are amazing! :relaxed:

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you dont have to credit me at all lol

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Omds I’ve been looking for this. Thanks.