School hallway help

I need help so i have four girls who are going up and down the hallway but how do make it seem like they are walking down the hallway and how can you add characters looking at them in awe here is what it the scene will be

Are they pacing or walking on and off screen?

uhh they are walking down the hallway

i dunno how to explain it haha

So they put all be entering from the right. Spot them off screen right then the walk them to a spot you want them to stop. I would have them go 2 by 2 so make sure you shift the last 2 a bit behind the first 2 then have this script
&Char1 walks to spot … in # AND CHAR1 faces left AND CHAR2 same thing
&pause for a beat
&Char3 same thing AND Char4 same thing!

Always can look at tutorials for spot directing and walking.

And layers them

uhhh i would need a template im new to writing sorry;e

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