School memories

we have done a lot of things in our school life
Which is the craziest part of your school life which you will never forget???

Share your school experiences and read one another’s…


When I was walking on the hall and my best friend pulled me back because 2 guys were fighting and came running down the hall (that I couldn’t see) If my friend never pulled me, I would have been squashed by the two guys :joy::joy:

You r lucky to have such a friend who helped you

Yhea :sweat_smile: that was like 4 years ago tho

three girls had a bitch fight. the bell for home room rang and we all walked out, and these two girls jumped this one girl and gave her a concussion and there was blood and cops, and an ambulance. oh and a certain restraining order.

i was not involved but my “friend” got expelled…

Not really crazy but it was so funny in 7th grade the whole class got kicked out because someone said they saw a rat and everyone starting standing on the tables and starting running around someone was eating Cheerios off the floor and I got kicked out for standing on a chair. :joy:

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It’s really funny@slater

The principal of my school was fired for constantly drinking while on the job. She sure set a good example for all the students :joy::roll_eyes:

Also, one time there was a huge bug on the floor in one of my classes and everyone was freaking out. Then, this one girl got up, picked it up in her hand, and threw it out the window like nothing happened. Our teacher was just like “aren’t you going to wash your hands now?” :joy:

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When I was in 9th grade we my friends decided to have fun so we sneak out in the middle of the lecture and pressed the fire alarm. Teachers were confused and all the students were running to the ground… But we were not caught :grin::grin::rofl::rofl:

What a madlad.

i remember in kindergarten i was cutting a paper and i cut my eye bc i was curious of what it would do and my eye was bleeding a lot i was so dumb and my mom was so mad :sob::sob:

In a second grade this boy who had a crush on me kissed me. He stole my first kiss. :joy:
But like he was cute ngl. :woman_shrugging:t6:

From then on he called me his girlfriend, I don’t even know if I knew what that meant back then but he probably did. A lot of boys had crushes on me, like some from different classes would just come up to me and say they like me when I didn’t even know their names???
I miss elementary school, middle school sucks. So much drama. :expressionless:

3 years ago in grade 7 we all had a party in the gym and it was so much fun!

The whole thang :rofl::rofl:

But I’ll say the moment I got my boyfriend in January. And we got really close and I’ll always remember this year (last year of junior year) we had a special moment since we were going on summer break and wouldn’t see each other much :relieved::joy: I’ll never forget that dndbdnsbs

WARNING: the following situation may cause cringe for any audience.


So at my school, if you pay you go this after school place where you cans do anything. During this time I was in sixth grade. So there was this boy and had started dating this seven grade girl.

And they had planned to have the old devils tango. He had protect in his pocket, and they were going to do it at the after school place.

Long story short, he caught by one of the adults at the after school place when he accidentally pulled out the protection.


This happened the same year as the one above, with the same girl.
So this happened toward the end of the year, with the same girl as above and one freshman.

Basically what had happened was she had sucked this freshman’s veggy on the school bus. And he had filmed it, and posted it online.

Long story short, he got expelled. And, well she got shamed.

Sixth grade was wild, if this gets another support I’ll post some other things that happened.

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So this didn’t happen in school, but it was a school party and it involves a teacher.

This is a long story but trust me, it’s worth it

So, last year, my class (we were juniors) wanted to throw a party on the last day before the winter break. We found out the seniors were having their own party and we decided to merge both groups and make it a huge thing. So we planned 2 parties. The main thing, which was gonna start at around 12, and a pre party only for the juniors so we could party as a class. That was supposed to start at around 9.

Now, and don’t follow this example because me and my friends are dumb it is very easy for underaged kids to get alcohol in Colombia. So we gathered some money, and sent a group out for the alcohol. I was in the group, and I admit we may have gone a bit overboard. But we were like “we’re not gonna finish this during this “warmup party” so we can just take all the alcohol we have left to the next party. We were wrong. People went insane and drank as much as they could. By the time we had to go to the next party, some people couldn’t even get up. You’d think that would’ve stopped some of us; but we’re stupid, so it didn’t.

So we take separate Uber’s and go to the next party. We get there, the seniors are drunker than we are. They had more alcohol than we did. Why? The party was hosted by a kid whose dad is the head of one of the biggest alcohol distributors in the city so they pretty much had unlimited access. We also went wild with them. At around 2 am, this kid in my class throws up. So we decide to take him to the yard so he can get some air. He vomits again, shouts a bit, and then passes out cold. We (being dumb, again) don’t take it too seriously at first. Until we stated to realize that…passing out the way he passed out is very dangerous, especially considering everything he drank. So a friend of mine suggests we call his dad, but his dad was out of town. The only responsible adult we could call was his mother. However, there was one problem.

His mother was our english teacher. And we knew our school would give us hell if they found out about the party since they are always talking about the dangers of drinking. But our friend looked like he was about to die so we decide to call her. By the time she shows up, we had the people who were the least drunk go out and hand her out still-passed-our-friend. When she sees him, she goes crazy. Not at us, like I feared, but at her unconscious son. She shouts “REACT!” gives him the hardest slap I’ve ever seen before, and he still doesn’t wake up. So she grabs him under the shoulders and the others help getting him inside the car.

…English class after the break was really awkward after that.

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My story isn’t that wild, but I had a friend who knew all the words to Ice Ice Baby and rapped it at homecoming this year :joy::joy:

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