School Template with people in the background

Hey there love!
I made a School Template with students in the background! This took me a very long time to make and I learned how to code yesterday. I am very proud of this one so pretty please do not remove my credit I put in otherwise I will be coming at you, hope it helps xo Jasmine-Melia <3

Hello! This is a template made by Jasmine-Melia!
This template is for school with people in the background.
If you want to learn how to do this then check out Joseph Evans tutorials on youtube!
Do not remove my credit, if you do I can say now that you will be in trouble xo
You need to put the characters in yourself!
The easiest way to replace the @FEMALE and @MALE is to mark the @ click on ctrl and F two times.
Then write in the characters name and click replace and then click all.


@add Text Book Open Navy Blue to FEMALE4

@FEMALE4 spot 0.839 68 196 in zone 1 AND FEMALE4 moves to layer 2 AND FEMALE4 starts read_book_open_neutral_loop AND FEMALE2 spot 0.956 174 107 in zone 1 AND FEMALE2 moves to layer 1 AND FEMALE2 starts read_phone_neutral_loop AND FEMALE2 faces right
@FEMALE3 spot 0.812 160 206 in zone 2 AND FEMALE3 moves to layer 2 AND FEMALE3 starts talk_gossip
@FEMALE5 spot 0.776 68 218 in zone 2 AND FEMALE5 moves to layer 1 AND FEMALE5 starts listen_nod_happy_loop AND FEMALE5 faces right
@MALE1 spot 0.929 263 147 in zone 2 AND MALE1 moves to layer 2 AND MALE1 starts talk_phone_neutral_loop
@MALE2 spot 0.893 238 207 in zone 3 AND MALE2 moves to layer 2 AND MALE2 starts kiss_makeout_loop_rear
@FEMALE6 spot 0.902 293 206 in zone 3 AND FEMALE6 moves to layer 1 AND FEMALE6 starts kiss_makeout_loop
@MALE3 spot 0.839 107 213 in zone 3 AND MALE3 moves to layer 1 AND MALE3 faces right AND MALE3 starts tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear
&pan to zone 3
readerMessage Follow @jasmine.melia.ep on instagram! with messageTitle Background Template Credit


This is really good. Thanks for taking the time to share it. I think I might use it and if i do I’ll be sure to credit you


Do I need to keep the first bit in with the INT. BLACK- NIGHT or just the credit at the end ?

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No that was only instructions for beginners, thank you <3 xoxo

Oh ok thanks. I just wanted to make sure because I’d feel like I was taking advantage of your help if I didn’t give you the basic credit you asked for.

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No no problem, as long as you keep the “readerMessage command” I will be glad<3

Hey! I accidentally wrote wrong On the readerMessage command
It should have said:
readerMessage Follow @jasmine.melia.ep on instagram! with message Background Template Credit

You don’t have to change it since it was my fault just wanted to let you know if you want it to be neatly correct haha xo

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