School uniforms for male characters?

I was trying to code a school scene and i used this purple school uniform for female characters, and I didn’t find a matching one for the male characters?? And there aren’t any male school uniforms in general?? Where am I supposed to find school uniforms now :sob:

(Sorry about the intense night filter, it’s crucial for me as i have extremely high myopia)


Maybe you can use one of these? :thinking:

You’re right… But they’re so ugly :sob: sksksksksk i think i gotta roll with what I’ve got. Ugh why can’t episode just release matching school outfits for both male and female??

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AAH thanks ikr​:sob::sob: it’s so annoying.

And the school uniforms already present are so old and ugly (no offense) and the matching outfits we do have look so formal.


Already a thread asking for it


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Oh thanks!!

which pants and shoes can i use to match ?

A very beautiful school uniform has been released for female characters! I’m a design student in college, and in elementary school, my classmates did similar projects, but they didn’t come out as pretty. I like this area, I need imagination here, I previously studied exact sciences and it was boring, many students simply bought a research proposal in various subjects. Therefore, I like those subjects where there are a lot of practical exercises and assignments. Just writing paperwork on theoretical research is not interesting. I hope that when I finish my course project, I will also not be ashamed to publish it)))