School uniforms

Hi! I am making a story that she is going to school, any uniform ideas? Like dress with suspenders kind of thing? Please I cant find any good ones. Thank you!


Is your story limelight or Ink?

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There’s many outfits for LL atleast!


I went to Catholic school for elementary school and the dress code there was navy, white, or the school’s color polo shirt and trousers with the same color scheme. I think they were a little more strict in high school and made people wear dress shoes and girls plaid skirts (I went to public school after 5th grade, so I can’t speak too much to that).



I guess if I was to make a limelight story and use school cloths I would make them look like This

Female school looks

I’m not 100% on limelight looks because I only write in ink so you don’t have to use these cloths if u don’t want and I haven’t had a look for a males version but if you want me too then I can

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